Milton to Pope

In this essay I will attempt to contrast the
type of society that would create a Milton to a society that
would create a Pope. Although you may be able to
understand what I\'m saying from my essay, the depth of
what I want to say can not be put into words, and therefore
I suggest that you read and compare the same information
that I have. I will now explain a bit about Milton and Pope
to help you get an understanding. Milton was born into the
middle class and grew up in a highly cultured environment.
Milton created relatively few poems. Milton was greatly
influenced by the puritan cause and Oliver Cromwell with a
strong parliament government. Pope was born shortly after
Milton\'s death and was a Roman Catholic. Many
restrictions against Catholics. Pope had to struggle for
position. Some of the restrictions made Pope move outside
London and he could not legally vote, hold office, or attend
university. Pope not allowed to attend university would be
one of the most significant contrasts between Milton and
Pope. Where Milton stayed at University for a long, long
time, Pope never went to University. For Milton the society
gave him everything he wanted. He had life fairly easy and
had the government and the stronger religion backing
Milton that Pope did not have. Pope had to fight for
everything whereas Milton did not. The society that helped
Milton did not help Pope. The society that created Mil! ton
was a strong Puritan Parliament Government. Also at the
time Milton\'s society spoke highly of child prodigies like
Mozart and Mill. Milton at the age of 23 thought that he
had basically done nothing with his life up to that point.
Pope was a great poet at a very young age and if he did
look back and try to assess his life at age of 23 he would
have seen that he had already accomplished a lot. Also
Pope was writing just before the Pre-romantic and the
romantic poetry there for his poetry would tend to reflect a
changing to that style of poetry. The society and what the
people want caused the style of writing to go this way. The
majority of the writing during 1670 - 1700 at the start of
Pope\'s writing career and right after Milton\'s has been
described as grotesque slanderous writing. This writing
reflects the society and what the society wanted. The
society that created Milton was strongly religious and
wanted all the writing to be perfect in the ways of the
church and the ! structure of the poetry whereas the society
that created Pope was slanderous most of the time against
there enemies. The society that created Pope did not put as
much focus on religion in poetry and this time was very
bordering on the romantic period in the sense of the
melancholy and that the writing was not very serious. The
society that created Milton was very serious whereas the
society that created Pope from what I can see was not very
serious and was very trivial at times. The society that
created Milton was a very religious serious society that had
a strong Puritan Parliament Government, whereas the
society that created Pope seemed to be a very trivial, petty,
slanderous society that was not very serious and did not
put a lot of emphasis on religion.

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