Michael PannoneProf. ThompsonHST 100 DATE \@ "MMMM d, y" October 24, 2014B) In the painting the impression that I get is that people are being forced to live a different lifestyle. They are being taken against there will, away from their home, and being sent to a place they've never even thought of. They are being treated like animals, chained by the neck and hands and walking to where ever this foreigner says. They don't understand him or what is going on. The men are either naked or barely clothed, the women get rags to cover up but also have to carry their children in those rags like a kangaroo. I would assume that the men with the wood restraints around their necks are the most dangerous because the restraints cause the least amount of movement. They are connected at the neck, one person at the front and the other at the back. So if they attempted to move any direction but straight they had to do it as a unit. There appears to be two slavers in the picture, but one of them is fairly dressed and the other is dressed in rags. I would say that he is a slave and that he is an Uncle Tom. The Uncle Tom would even snitch on his fellow slaves to the master. This was looked down upon by slaves and has become a term in the modern world as a well off African American man.The painting is from David and Charles Livingstone's, Narrative of an Expedition to the Zambesi and its Tributaries; and the Discovery of the Lakes Shirwa and Nyassa, 1858-1864. The painting was made July, 1861, with the caption of "Gang of Captives met at Mbame's on their way to Tette." The date is significant to the painting because most of these slaves are going to Brazil or the Caribbean. They will also have to adapt to a new lands, for example, Saint Domingue, Jamaica, and Barbados, and new languages, such as English, French and Dutch. Also in America slavery is being fought over and if it should be abolished or not, meanwhile in a different continent people are being forced out of their own homes and being sent to a foreign land as slaves. Based on this painting I assume that all these people are being forced against their will and being treated as a less than human. The only thing that matters to the slavers is the money that the money they will receive for how many Africans they bring, because in the picture it shows African mothers carrying their children in rags on their back. They also have little boys chained by the neck to adults like they are adults, I think that this shows there was zero tolerance to age amongst slaves, no matter how old you were, you were treated like dirt. I have made these inferences because of the information provided in the textbook describing the conditions of the slave ships and also through the power points. Along with the painting they show the tough journey to even get across the Atlantic. The painting shows the journey to the coast, in which the slavers would have their slaves walk for miles upon miles with barely any food or water. This cause many to die en route to the coast. Then arriving to the coast was only half the battle, once on the slaves ships the slaves had to battle disease and starvation. The most intriguing things about this painting to me is the slave that is the apparent Uncle tom, driving the slaves along with the slaver. I don't understand why someone would sell out against his own people. It just does not make sense to me. Also why were the slaves denied simple living needs. They needed to work and be healthy.The answers to these questions could be found on the internet if you search the right topics. Such as the definition of an uncle tom which can be found in one one of the power points we looked at in class. Why a slave would become an uncle tom was not discussed in class so you can look that up on