Michael PannoneProf. Bowman DATE \@ "MMMM d, y" February 3, 2015 Should College Athletes Get Paid to Play The debate whether college athletes should get paid or not is a topic that is frequently debated and has been argued since the beginning if the late 90s. With all the controversy surrounding how college athletes get everything handed to them, some athletes themselves can give a slightly different opinion. Such as former Miami Hurricane running back Alonso Highsmith and other teammates have said that their meal plan was sixty dollars. This raises question among student athletes who see that they are publicizing the schools that they play sports for. Originally the NCAA was meant to protect student athletes and provide a chance to play sports and receive an education. The student athletes themselves are exposed to money once colleges find out that they are a top rated player in their state or city. Along with coaches making visits to their potential future player, top college prospects also come into contact with boosters of the college. These are people that try to convince the student athlete to come to the college through ways such as buy them leisure items, cars, clothes, etc. This breaks NCAA sanctions and could potentially end the sports programs for the school. This also applies to already college players to try to go into professional sports, many players have been involved in this such as Johnny Manziel, Lebron James, and most notably former Michigan Wolverine Chris Webber. As a college student, Chris Webber made a very good point to critics showing that student athletes don't reallly have as much as people think. In an interview for the Espn 30 for 30: The Fab Five, Chris Webber said that in Ann Arbor, he would see a Michigan Wolverine basketball jersey with his name on it and he didn't even have the money to buy it or the custom Michigan Wolverine nike basketball sneakers. This shows how some student athletes have come to think that they should get paid to play. After all they do put the school they are representing in the media market, with all the gear that the team sells, and even in college sports video games such as the NCAA football series and the NCAA basketball series. In the game, the players are replicated in every feature from head to toe. but their last name isn't on the jersey it just shows their number. I believe that there is some bitter feeling, because after all the student athletes are the ones putting in all the work and yet they receive nothing. Personally I'm not to sure on whether college athletes should get paid or not, because with each side of the argument there is different pros and cons. I think that a student athlete cam get paid to play but the money they earn should pay for tuition and academic needs. Then I believe that paying college students to play can be justified.