This summer why sit at home and watch reruns of old sitcoms when you could be in the place where the people are always helpful and service is great! No I’m not talking about South America but the location is right above.

Mexico is ever so changing with constant attractions to amaze people while also having a rich history behind it. Aztec tours is offering a very different type of tour where the past and present are always around and attractions are at your fingertips.

Mexico has many things to offer the lower, middle, and upper class.


The beaches on Mexico are something to see, not many places have the beaches that Mexico has, due to the fact that in Mexico the gulf and the pacific are so close together.


The history of Mexico is everywhere and anywhere, Mexico first started out as a land owned by natives, but that changed when the Spanish which were looking for land to conquest, conquered Mexico is vicious battle that were won by Spain due to the fact that the Spanish had gun and other siege weapon while Mexico\'s technology tree was limited.


The cities of Mexico are large and in charge! There are skyscrapers and fabulous restaurants where the ethnic culture surrounds the tourist with wonderful people that will help any lost traveler.


If the big city is nothing you fancy then you might want to try the villages where the closest hotel is the closest home, with something similar to the European hostels Mexican villages are enchanting to any traveler.

If you like a little bit of everything or poquito de todo as the locals say,

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In general Mexico is a land unlike any other with it’s rich history and glorious