Mental Health Specialist

I currently work at Patrick B. Harris Psychiatric Hospital as a Mental Health Specialist and what I do is assist with adult psychiatric patients, including those who are deaf and have co-occurring disorders. I am under a the supervision of licensed nursing personnel. I have to be knowledgeable in age-specific criteria and interventions appropriate for effective and therapeutic interaction with adult patients. As a mental health specialist, we help assist patients with their personal needs, including bathing, dressing, ambulating and oral hygiene. We take and record patient’s vital signs, including temperature, pulse, respiration, and blood pressure. The main objectives that we do observing patients and monitoring their physical and behavior condition. Then, document what has been observed in the patient’s legal medical record according to HPH Nursing Policy and Procedures. We are responsible for escorting and accompanying patients to the following: therapy area, dining room, canteen area, court hearings, and doctor’s appointments off-campus, when necessary. Also as a M.H.S., we have to maintain clinical competency by attending and qualifying in all mandatory training classes yearly like: BEST, CPR, cross training, and age specific criteria. This is just a brief job description of what a Mental Health Specialist.