There are many different definitions to memory such as “a process of retaining information, a storage system and a retrieval of information” (Reber 1985). There are also three different stages of memory which are Registering information, which is the transfer of sensory input into a form which allows it to be entered into our memory, storage of information, is the operation of holding or retaining information. Then there is retrieval by which stored information is extracted.

There are three types of memory

o Sensory Memory
o Short Term Memory
o Long Term Memory
Sensory Memory.

Sensory memory is when information is held for a brief period of time after the physical stimulus has been removed. It is assumed that we have different sensory memory stores for different types of stimulus such as

o Visual sensory memory
o Auditory sensory memory
Short Term Memory

Short term memory is the system used to store information for brief periods of time, it can be seen as a temporary store for incoming information. Small chunks of information can be meaningless when on its own but when combined with more then it can make a meaningful unit to make it easier for us to remember.

Long Term Memory

Long term memory can last anything from the last couple of minutes to a life time.

Model of Memory- Atkinson and Shiffrin.


This is my favourite model of memory