Medical Conditions of Concentration Camps

The medical conditions in concentration camps were very horrable. Many
things happened to the prisoners at this camp and most of the worst things
happened because of the medical treatments.
Throughout all the camps medical experiments were performed on the prisoners.
They were not only performed on the jewish but on all different kinds of people
that were at the camps. The experiments were for the most part either harsh or
deadly. Some of the experiments were as follows. People were submersed in ice
cold water for hours on end to test out new kinds of suits. Others were
deprived of oxygen, sterilized, had patches of there skin burned, or immediatly
killed by an injection to the heart for dissection. Some people were also sent
away to anatomy hospitals.
One of the most desired places to be by doctors was Block 10. Block 10 was in
Auschwitz and was a medical block. It meant the difference between life and
death for many people in Auschwitz. There were benefits and disadvantages to
being there for both the doctors and the prisoners. For a doctor it was seen as
a chance to do any and all experiments they thought might be interesting. For
prisoners it was a chance to live, if they were lucky. Some prisoners were
taken by doctors for experiments and depending on the nature of the experiment
they might live for a long time or be killed imediatly.
Doctors picked which people should be killed through a selection process. A
person could be killed for having as little as a tiny scar, or because ofa
defect, or anything at all. The doctors of Block 10 are most remembered. The
two that stand out most are Josef Mengele and Ernst B. Josef Mengele as one of
the cruelest doctors who killed many, many people. He was said to be seen at
selections night and day. And in some cases even taking children to the gas
chambers by playing a game with them. However, Ernst B. was different. In fact,
some prisoners even refused to identify him for authorities. He did not
perticapate in selections. He also saw to it to save many llives by performing
non-harmful experiments. He was never charged with war crimes and was
remembered as one of the only caring nazis and freind of the prisoners.
The Medical conditions throughout the camps were very harsh, as i have told
you already. However they could somtimes be life saving. And even somtimes
provided caring doctors.

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