Math and Its Uses

Math has been used for centuries with out it, we couldn\'t know how to
calculate, save change and spend money. We also wouldn\'t know how much gas we
need to fly arrive and boat to our destinations. Also we need to know how pro
teams are doing on TV and how good the chances of them winning.
One of the most popular things that people use their math for is
calculating saving, changing, and earning their money. Some people have someone
else to do it for him or her and other people do it themselves.
Gas is one of the most important things that we need to go from one
place to another. Whether is by land, sea, air, or space you need to know how
far your gas will take you and how long it will take.
Sports broadcasters use math a lot in heir daily broadcasts they then
batting averages, shootings averages, and ext. They do that so that you can
have an idea of how good they are.
Math is used in your daily life whether you like it or not. You use math
with money, gas, and sports TV. You can\'t live without it.

Category: Science