Marriage Essay

One of the biggest milestones in anyone’s life is a relationship commitment to another person. Marriage is more than co-exists with another person, it’s giving of yourself for the betterment of your partner. It has been explained to me that “it’s a 70/30 proposition, give 70% and hope for 30% back and if both people do that happiness will prevail”. Through my experiences with my Mother and Father during their differences, separation and eventual divorce and my Mother remarrying have come to several conclusions. Marriage may not turn out the way you hoped it would, but you will eventually fine that special someone that everyone in the world is looking for, it’s just a matter of time. Getting to know truly is a very important thing you must do before thinking about getting married to that person. The first person that you fall in love with may not be that special someone your looking for.

There have been studies over the years on marriage and it’s endurance over time. During the late 70’s and early 80’s for every 2 marriages, 1 would end in divorce. That rate has increased now and the reason I feel that is happening is because people are marrying too young and for the wrong reasons. There is not an age that anyone should be married by, instead it is up to the individual’s maturity level and ability to make good decisions not only for themselves but also with another persons needs included. Young people today think that just because Mom and Dad had this or that then I can have it too, but it is not that simple. I’ve seen first hand the effects of a divorce on the adults emotionally and financially, and the effects it’s had on me and my siblings and also my stepbrother.

When I decide I’m ready to settle down and build a future with a woman I want to have finished my college education, have secure employment and have a home of my own. My goals seem so far away because I’m a Senior in High School, no employment and I still live with old people, but I’ll get there and I am told “it’ll be quicker than you think!” I’m taking my time to do the best I can to be successful so I don’t wonder what if I’d this instead of that. The main things that I am concentrating on are my goals, and the best way for me to accomplish them is to take them step-by-step.

With the knowledge that I have gained through observing and comparing the 2 marriages that I have grown up in, I wish for my marriage to be like that of my Mothers current one. In my Mothers present marriage when her and her husband get into disagreements, they both sit down and talk to one another until they come to an agreement which never takes to long. What I want in my marriage is that no matter what my spouse and I would give anything for each other, a marriage full of true love. Happiness being my main goal in life the last thing that I want, which is most likely what everyone wants, is an unhappy marriage.

With my prior marriage engagement and experience that I gained from it I now know of several things that I want to avoid in my future marriage. A definite thing for me to avoid in my marriage is stay away from anyone who is a High School Dropout, I do not want to have to support my spouse financially unless she needs it to get an education. The main reason is because someone that quits school has no goals in their life or motivation to better themselves and will expect someone else to support them for the rest of their life. I want to be self-sufficient and be able to live comfortably, but in today’s society it really isn’t possible on one income. My fathers’ wife is extremely controlling and my father is happy with that, but that is just not for me. It is my personal feeling that although two people enter into a relationship and become united as one, they are still individuals