Marriage: Easy Divorce

Although I do not agree with getting married until you are positive that
you want to have a huge commitment to another person, I favor the easier divorce.
I think that a divorce is not really anyone\'s fault. (unless it is) The
divorce should be done as quickly as possible in either case.

If you find yourself getting married to the person that you thought you
loved-but later on in life you find that you weren\'t ready for marriage, then
it\'s not really anyone\'s fault. You may have made a mistake by getting married
to quickly, but people make mistakes.

Sometimes, you may find that your spouse and you make better friends
than husband and wife. That could happen and I\'m sure it\'s probably already
happened once or twice. In this case, it is not really anyone\'s fault. You
just go on with life just as you always had before.

I think that people shouldn\'t get married until they are totally
positive that their spouse is the person that they want to have a lifetime
commitment with. If they even think twice, then they are not ready for marriage.
I know that not everyone will feel the same way that I do on this subject, but
if everyone did, it could improve the divorce rate. I think that we should just
get the divorce over with as quickly as possible and get to living our lives

I know someone\'s dad who got into a relationship with another woman.
This person\'s mother got married at a very young age. She thought she was ready,
but she wasn\'t. After being married and having three children, her husband told
her that he had a girlfriend. I would favor a quick divorce in this example
also. Even though the marriage could have been avoided, the man isn\'t supposed
to get involved with someone else. Getting married ties the couple down to one
another. After you are married, there is no more dating, no more messing around
with other members of the opposite sex. You are committed.

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