Marisa Saravisky
Dr. J. Mahabir
English 212
T/TH 9:30-10:45
Paper #1

In many of the texts, different individuals have specific roles and these roles are
associ ated with certain concepts. These concept s can be seen in the City of God, Lil' Fellow the
Musician, A Little Matter of Marriage, Person Who Bled Hearts Dry, and The Cutting of a
The film, City of God , shows the darker side to one of the world's most well-known
retreat cities, Rio de Janeiro. The "City of God" is approximately fifteen miles outside the
flourished city of Rio. The city's most reckless, dangerous and poorest citizens live in what is
known to be one of the world's most lawless, uncontrolled ghettos. One of the inhabitants of the
"City of God" was Benny. Along with Lil Ze, he was one of the top drug dealers and was a gang
leader—he represented power. Benny was a very bright character who was very respected and
well-liked by most of the groups within the city. When Benny falls in love with Angelica, he
decides that he is leaving his troubled lifestyle behind to pursue a future with her in the country
side. He envisions a better life for himself, seeing past the gang and the drugs. When he decides
to leave this life style behind, he hands all his power over to Lil Ze. At his going away party, all
the different social groups within the city are seen celebrating together. This is important because
Benny was seen as a unifying figure. He gained the respect of Lil Ze, and numerous other
characters throughout the movie. When Benny is accidently killed by Blacky (Carrot's manager)
who was initially supposed to kill Lil Ze at the party, Lil Ze becomes enraged. Benny's death
sparked a rage within Lil Ze which left him unrestrained and planned to take down the last
person in his way, Carrot. Carrot is Lil Ze's rival. When Lil Ze decided to pick on and beat up a
random peaceful man named Knockout Ned and rapes his girlfriend, Ned stabbed Lil Ze. Lil Ze
then responded by killing his brother and his uncle. Ned wanted revenge and took sides with
Carrot against Lil Ze. Without Benny around to be the figure of peace between the rivals, war
breaks out against Carrot and Lil Ze. Many have tried to escape the City of God, but few make it
out alive.
Many have tried to escape the City of God, but few make it out alive. Rocket is very
different compared to other characters in the film. He tries his best to avoid the cycle of violence,
exacerbated by the drugs and gun trade in the slum. He did not want to be like his brother Goose,
who was part of The Tender Trio, a trio who performed hold ups and crime. Goose is later killed
by Lil Dice (Lil Ze) in the film. Rocket dreams of a good life. A life with safety, a career and an
income. Rocket had a talent for photography. Rocket is able to escape the City of God at the end
because his talent for photography. Before Benny was killed at his going away party, he gave
Rocket his first camera. This camera was his opportunity to escape the city and go after the life
he longed for. Lil Ze was jealous of Benny's friendship with Rocket so to gain the trust of the
gang, Rocket took pictures of them to show to the media. These pictures helped Rocket pursue
his future. The beginning and the end of the film show Rocket trapped in the middle of a shoot-
out between the police and Lil Ze's gang. When shots are fired, as he takes cover, he captures
photos of what he was seeing happen right before his eyes. Photographs from this shoot out put
Rocket on a high pedestal with the media. As a boy with the dream of becoming a photographer,
coming from nothing, Rocket escaped the City of God with the help of an old camera from his
late friend, Benny.
Little Fellow the Musician is a short story about a little boy who goes by the name