Marisa Saravisky
Professor French
M/W 8-9:15
Essay #1

A theory of ethics is a method used to clarify and justify some of the difficult decisions
we face throughout life. Many people have tried to find the best ethical theory. But w ho are we
to judge what is right and wrong or what is good and bad? For solely that reason, th ere is no such
thing as the best ethical theory. If I were to briefly put forth a theory of ethics and had to choose
two values , character traits, responsibilities, or ideas about the best life as most
important- I would choose: family and positivity.
Values are the qualities you believe are most important in the way you live. As life
moves along, values may change but one value that remains consistent throughout is family.
Above all else, I value family and I believe to live the best l ife one needs to value their family .
You can't choose your family and that is a blessing within itself. I have been lucky enough to
have been blessed to be br ought up in an amazing family . Family means having loving people
surrounding you. They are there from the beginning, going through all the good and bad and
supporting you through the worst of it. When life starts getting hard and you don't think you can
take anymore, your family is who you should be able to fall back onto. Family is much more
than a support system. Family can also be your best friends. My mom, imparticular is my best
friend. She is my back bone. She has been there for my highest highs and my lowest lows and
has always loved me the same.
My family foundation is very strong. We are very family oriented. I was brought up to
respect my parents, family, friends, and authority figures in my life. My parents instilled faith on
my younger brothers and I and that is something I value very strongly now. My parents taught
me to never steal and to tell the truth. Time is another valuable thing my family has taught me.
You never know when your last day on earth will be. My parents also told me to cherish the time
we have with one another and to embrace the little things in life. We were brought up to say
hello and goodbye and to give hugs and say "I love you. I think our family influences our values
the most. Whether you have a strong family foundation or a weak family foundation, your family
influences your vales and what your come to know are right or wrong.
Positivity is a state of mind. I value being a positive person and I think it's a good
character trait for a person to possess. Being a positive person automatically improves a person's
quality of life. We are responsible to live well to have the best life. It is human nature to consider
the negative side to a situation before seeing the positive in it. But to become a positive person,
you must first want to be one. If you can't find the desire to become a positive person, you will
onl y dwell on the negative . Being a positive person helps makes disappointment and tough
situations easier to handle. When you are positive person, people naturally gravitate towards you
because of your aura. Being sociable, dependable, and genuine are all good qualities of a positive
person. Accepting things, you cannot change and adapting to them will help you become a
positive person. Being a positive person has helped me through many obstacles life has thrown
my way. I truly believe that having a positive attitude has contribut ed to my success in life so far.
In life, there is no definite answer to what is right or wrong. What you learn at an early
age helps cement your values into place. Although some values may change, I believe that
family and being a positive person are two that will never change.