To toke or not to toke that is the question. Whether tis nobler in the
mind to suffer the slings and arrows of society or succumb to popular opinion
and legalize Marijuana. Marijuana is a cure for anorexia as well as glaucoma.
Marijuana is even a helping factor for relieving some symptoms of A.I.D.S.
Still the government of our nation has Marijuana classified as a Division I drug.
Which means it serves no medical use and does in no way benefit society. The
studies outdated and scientifically proven to be incorrect still remain beliefs
of our government.
Supporters of the legalization of Marijuana have many scientifically
proven facts that point to the fact Marijuana should be legalized. Marijuana
legalization would prove to be beneficial in a number of areas. The first bonus
to legalizing Marijuana is its medical uses. Marijuana stimulates the immune
system and serves as a cure for glaucoma. Marijuana helps people with AIDS
retain and eat food.
Marijuana use also has intellectual benefits. Marijuana increases alpha
wave activity in the brain. The alpha waves are associated with creativity.
This creativity is potentially the foundation of literary and musical
revelation. Bob Marley was one of the most influential musical composers of all
times. Marley\'s music has persevered throughout the years. He openly admitted,
on many occasions, to smoking marijuana before he wrote and composed songs.
Marley\'s influence is global. His nickname of "the Legend" has distinguished
him from many other musicians. His global fame separates him from all other
musicians. Many people have attributed Marley\'s creative genius to his use of
Socially, marijuana is better from the standpoint of addiction.
Marijuana is less addictive than tobacco. Essentially marijuana is neither as
physically nor mentally addictive as Nicotine. Another social benefit of
marijuana is its not cancer causing when compared to legal drugs like caffeine
or Cigarettes. These are only a few of the reasons that Marijuana legal.
To really get into the legalization issue not only do you have to look
into the facts of the case but also the employment effects it would have.
Granted there are no hard facts that say marijuana needs to be legal (or
illegal). If a person tries pictures the number of jobs a single American
field of Marijuana would create, they find it\'s an innumerable number. The job\'s
cigarettes create through different aspects of preparation such as growth,
harvest, manufacturing, distributing and selling, makes it is easy to see the
widespread opportunities legalizing Marijuana would create. Marijuana if
legalized would create an infinite number of jobs. These jobs would drastically
improve the unemployment rate that is rampaging America now.
The economy will also benefit from the legalization of Marijuana. If
the government sets taxes high they can insure themselves a large profit from
the sales of marijuana. This would make marijuana a cash crop. A cash crop
used for exportation as well as internal use. The prices could be as severe as
the cigarettes\' prices now are. This would cause a great boost in the economy.

The legalization of Marijuana would also help save the environment.
People could stop cutting down trees in search of paper and rope because hemp,
the stem or trunk of a marijuana plant is the best maker of paper in the world.
Not to mention the fact that Hemp rope is close to the strongest natural rope in
the entire world. This would enable paper and rope companies to invest money
into the growth of marijuana for industrial use.
The last facet of this debate on legalizing Marijuana comes when one
looks at the widespread use of Marijuana in our society. Marijuana is one of
the most widely used illegal substances in the world. In a recent survey
performed in a suburban high school over 80% of the graduating class admitted to
smoking pot. While over 80% may be a remarkable high statistic the survey also
concluded that the under class students were also smoking their fair share of
marijuana. The survey showed an increasing percentage of pot smokers (tokers)
as they advanced through school.
The facts about Marijuana are simple. If examined, the facts about
Marijuana\'s potential beneficial possibilities to American society become
apparent. The social, intellectual, economical, commercial, medical, and
environmental benefits it would create if legalized are enormous and potentially
a great help to our country. The supporters of the legalization of
marijuana can not fathom how or why America as a country is denying our citizens
the benefits of this helpful drug.. Supporters believe that the government is
giving a drug that