A problem that teens face today is marijuana. Yes, marijuana is a problem. No matter if you are for it or against it, it is a problem.

The first problem with marijuana is if you should use it or not. Many people I know are users of marijuana, and they are great people to be around, and you would not even know that they use marijuana, other then the fact that they have told you. Marijuana does not seem to affect these people negatively except for the price.

Marijuana is expensive to buy. $10 a gram is a lot of money, especially once you have been using it for a while, and have started to build up a tolerance to it. If you are smoking 4 or 5 grams of marijuana a weekend, that is $50 a week. $50 is a lot of money to throw away in a weekend. If you are working a part time job after school, 10 hours a week, that is just about your entire pay check.

Another problem that marijuana causes for non-users is peer pressure. If you hang around people who use marijuana, then you will be pressured to use it. The people using it around you might not even say anything; they may be consciously trying to avoid pressuring you. But just that they are using it will make you feel left out. Like you need to use it to be accepted.

Marijuana can be much worse for some people though. A friend of mine was smoking at least 2 grams of Marijuana a day. The only way he could afford this expensive habit was to sell the drug himself. This is another problem Marijuana presents. Your recreational use could become a habit; A very expensive habit.

In my mind, marijuana is not a serious problem unless you are spending more money on it then you are able, or it is affecting your every day life. If you are spending so much money on marijuana that you cannot pay your bills, then you have a serious problem. Or if you are high at school or work, then you have a problem.

I think that this issue is being handled in the wrong way. Marijuana is not a bad thing. It is a choice. Saying marijuana causes problems is true. But high school sports cause problems. It is true that you can get addicted to marijuana, but you can become paralyzed from playing football. I have never met anybody who has become paralyzed from playing football, but I know quite a few people who have broken bones and torn ligaments during a football practice or game. On the same note, I have never met somebody who has over dosed using marijuana, but I have met people who are addicted to it

If you break a bone playing football, you can go to the hospital, and they will fix you up. Very few people would make a big deal out of you playing football. If you became addicted to marijuana though, it is not as easy to get the help that you need. This is where the problem is.

Rehabilitation for marijuana addiction should be much more in the open then it is now. I think that all of these adds telling us not to use marijuana are a waste of money. The money should be used towards helping people that actually have the problems from marijuana.

If we legalized marijuana, the government would be able to control it. They would be able to treat it just like tobacco. It is illegal to grow your own tobacco, unless you have a permit. But it is not illegal to sell it. And the reason is because the government can tax cigarettes as much as they like. This should be how marijuana is treated. Marijuana is an untapped gold mine that is being wasted right now. Marijuana is not expensive to produce. It is the risk of jail time that makes it so expensive. The government would be able to keep the prices the same, and keep all of the extra money.

These are my opinions on the drug. Hopefully you agree with me.