Maneesh Gogineni
Period 1
AP Human Geography
Personal & Family Migration Story
My family in the Americas originated in India from a small town in India called Gogineni Puram (yes it's named after my family). My dad originally came to the country first to study and complete his Master's Degree at Oswego in New York approximately in 1991. Then, my Mom moved here in 1993 and my Grandparents moved to New York in 1995. My Dad was pushed to study in the United States because of my grandfather because my grandfather traveled across the world a lot because of his job, and he wanted my dad to complete his education and settle in the U.S.. My mother moved to the U.S. because she had to marry my father so it would make sense for them to be in the same country. Also, my family was pushing to get away from the constant corruption and disruptive environment of India. My family finally settled in NJ because my parents both got jobs around a good preschool for me and my grandparents found an apartment that was close by so they could also visit and help out my parents. My parents moved here to Cedar Knolls because they found a nice house to move into and a good school system and was close by the house. Also, the new house was less than 5 minutes away from my dad's workplace at the time and about 10 minutes to my mom's workplace so it was a very light commute for both of them. An advantage that both my parents had when they flew here was that they didn't have a lot of language barrier, mostly because their workplaces were filled with people that spoke the same Indian language as them and my parents were both taught in English in India so they had a very advanced English vocabulary. Because of their friendly co-workers, my parents felt very welcomed in this area and their workplaces, so it was very easy for them to settle into this area.
If a large amount of middle class or upper class trained professionals leaved a country, it would be difficult for the people working under them who aren't so well-trained to pick up the work they left off, however it would leave more jobs open for the middle class and lower class workers that would pay more as the upper class professionals would have been getting paid a lot more than what the lower class workers would have been.