Maneesh Gogineni
Professor Dorothy Friedman
English Composition II
18 September 2016
The Odyssey
Greek mythology books are always phenomenal pieces of literature enjoyed by many of those in the young adult to teenage years. Even though these pieces are commonly enjoyed by older groups of kids , I started reading books such as The Odyssey as soon as I entered second grade. This was my first experience with reading a real book, and I absolutely loved every bit of it.
Mrs. O'Keefe, my second-grade teacher kept telling my parents, "This kid has potential to be a genius. Make him read books that will spark his imagination and make him think." She recommended that I started reading The Odyssey instead of other books the rest of the class was reading becaus e my ability was so much more advanced than everybody else's . Up till this point, I had just been reading little children books that still had pictures in them, or a lot of comic books. Making this jump was like an amateur baseball player jumping from a recreational league to MLB and playing against the Yankees his first game. I was entering a completely new ballpark with this one.
At first, I was extremely overwhelmed. All this new terminology, new structures, so many characters, so much stuff to keep track of, I just kept forgetting everything. Because of this, I resorted to only reading a few pages a night, just so I could remember everything that was going on. Every night, I would increase the amount I read, page by page. Eventually, I finished my first book, ecstatic as ever because I finally hit my first milestone of reading a full adult book. I couldn't wait to get on with the series.
My mind began to race when I read these books. I drew every single scene in my head, picturing everything that was going on in the book like I was there myself. I would attempt to predict future events, and whenever a plot twist came along or an unexpected event hit, I just I loved it, and my t eacher could see that as well. I kept reading and reading every night, and I got up to reading an entire book in a few days, which is unheard of in my school for a second grader. I wowed everyone, even my own parents who didn't even push me to do this. This was all through my own willpower. I finally finished the entire series not too much later into second grade. From that moment on, I kept moving on and progressing onto more difficult series, such as Harry Potter, and other adult/young adult books. My passion for reading advanced books that sparked my imagination never stopped, and I always love a good adventurous read to this day.
The Odyssey was the first actual book that I read, and I fell in love with books like it. This was my first experience with actual reading material and it was at such a young age that it changed the way I read forever. I had developed the reading ability of a young adult at such a young age and it helped me progress like that farther in life with my reading and my imagination. Without this experience, there is no way I could achieve where I have gotten to today.