Mai Tran
Professor Scott
Econ 12
May 4, 2017
Why You Should Study Abroad
On Thursday, April 27th, at 2 o'clock, professor Ron Bee present the topic: "Why You Should Study Abroad: Let Me Count The Ways". There are many reasons to study abroad such as wanting to get better education, seeing other countries. The professor shows that there are 10 reasons to do that. First one is to see the world. Most people live in limited time and money, so study abroad is the best way to see the world. They can save time to visit new country, while study abroad. For example, you love firm Harry Potter, and really want to discover the school Hogwarts. Its library is the oldest library Bodleian of Oxford University. You can visit and study at that school, and also can visit England. Study abroad also gives you the experience of living in new countries. You can know how is their live and learn their culture. Furthermore, studying abroad to discover a new interest. Studying abroad provides you with the opportunity to gain a different perspective, not only on academic subjects but also the way of life. Study abroad lets you look at yourself, your world, and your studies from a different perspective. Study abroad is an incredible opportunity to meet other like-minded students in your program, as well as local people - from host families, to fellow students, to new friends you meet in the streets. It also gives you a change to fine new academic and find more friends. If you're worried about missing friends or overcoming homesickness, just think about all the incredible stories you'll be able to tell them when you get home. Beside that, whether you've been studying a foreign language for years or are starting from scratch, studying abroad provides a convenient, immersive environment for language learning. Professor Ron Bee mentioned that when learning more than one language, people could live longer than the one who just know one language. Another reason to study abroad is because it will make your resume look good and make you different with other. When employers see that you've studied abroad, you're marketing yourself as experienced and worldly, which can always be an asset to them. One of the best things about studying is pushing your boundaries and challenging yourself. It is a good way to show that you can do some things different. You can have more opportunity to get two times hired salary. The other reason to do it is you can take new culture. You can learn new languages, or learn difference ways to accent. For instance, the way people speak English in United State different with people speak English in England or Australia. They also have difference rule to talk and difference activity like in United State before the meal they usually pray and thanks for their lives. In other country live Korean, Japan they say thanks for the meals thank to the people make it and people grow the food, thank to the nature that give them the best food and so on. Study abroad to find new education is the next reason. There are some systems are similar and some differences in the education system. In different country, they have different ways to learn. Like in US, there are many important tests during the semester beside the midterm and final tests. While in Vietnam, they usually have many quizzes, midterm and final tests. Some country have a systems teach students to think about them self and need to learn by themselves. Some teach the origination or working in-group, so students can learn from the others. Moreover, it is interesting way to find new friends. In every career, make new friends is very good for jobs. You can ask you their advice for you job and when you have good or bad news you can talk over sea. Finally, it's ultimately a good thing to push your comfort zone, because as you adapt, you'll gain invaluable life skills and change and grow as a person in ways you couldn't if you stayed at home.