Mai Tran
Professor Tucker
English 120
1 November 2016
Binge Drinking Among College Students
Each year, more than 1,800 college students die from alcohol-related unintentional injuries, according to National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Many college students often seem drinking as a part of their higher education experience when they live independently with fewer presents of parents. Although students know drinking can pose serious health and safety risks, including car crashes, drunk driving arrests, sexual assaults, and injuries, they still want to binge drinking. They do not think that over the long period, frequent binge drinking can damage the liver and other organs. In many causes to binge drinking, there are three important reasons: they want to show that they are adult, they want to enhance social activity, and they want to go over the presser.
The first cause is showing that they are adults. Many students choose drinking to make them sexier and more fun, which they might learn from parents or friends. For example, I know one of my friends who drinks in every events. If there is no event, he just makes one and drinks for fun. College student are mostly between the age eighteen to twenty four, and in this age, they want to look like adult. One other friend of mine, she had not drunk before she twenty-one. When she was old enough, she learned drinking to show that she was adult. She wants to look sexier and more attractive. This is similar with many student think drinking is the basic right when they are college students. According to article "Why Students Drink", there are 63.1 percent students drinking for having fun.
The second reason led student to binge drinking is enhancing social activity. During the time studying in college, many students need part time job. Meeting old and new friends is the good choice to find a good job with high salary, and meeting cannot miss drinking. Many students choose hanging out, and drinking frequently to make bigger relationship. Other students think drinking to have fun and make them cooler, so they start drinking just want to fit in. However, binge drinking is a risky behavior. When people drunk, they cannot control their actions, and their words. Their bad actions and words could make them lose their relationship. Good friends and good relationship cannot make when we are not awake. Getting drunk could led to many risks such as acquaintance rape, rob, car casher, or kidnap.
The most important cause is to over the presser in study and life, which led students to drinking. According to the article "Why student drinking", 74.4 percent choose drinking to relax their social inhibitions. College students have to balance between school, classes, homework, exams, and jobs. Some of them just cannot make it, and choose the bad way to over it, such as Janice Mirikitani. She did not have many friends and she was not doing well with her grade. And she chose to jump over window to die. Many other students choose drinking which they think to make them forget the presser and have fun. Other students get trouble in their social live and they want to chat with their friends. Drinking makes them easy to talk with friends. Many students just think about how having fun at that moment, but they do not know that the problem still there. And went they wake up they still face with that. Moreover, binge drinking led students to many problems if they are not control it. Students might miss classes, fall behind, do poorly on exams, and receive low grades.
The solutions for this problem are finding group of friend that have healthy activities. Hanging out with good people is not just go drinking, students should choose climbing or going to coffee shop. If student does not have many friends they could talk to their family or their relative. If a student does not have any people that he or she can talk to, he or she can talk with the teacher or the school to find the solution. Students should not keep many stresses and pressers. They should have some one to talk to hang out with. Furthermore, the best ways to