Lozada , Wilhelmina R. June 20, 2016
TM7C Roland Madeja

Jose Protacio Rizal Mercado y Alonzo Realonda Rizal Shrine, Calamba , Laguna 0915-5774925 / [email protected]
35 years old                          4\'11"                           Single June 19, 1861                       100 lbs.                       Filipino
  to contribute to the nationalism and patriotism of the Filipino people; to inspire the Filipino youth of today EDUCATION:                          Eye specialization course (1887)                                                    University of Heidelberg                                                    Philosophy and Letters   (1885)                                                    Universidad Central de Madrid                                                      Licentiate in Medicine  ( 1884)                                                    Universidad Central de Madrid                                                     Opthalmology units                                                    University of Santo Tomas                                                    Philosophy and Letters units                                                    University of Santo Tomas                                                    Land Surveyor & Assessor                                                     Ateneo Municipal de Manila
founder , La Liga Filipina,  1892
editor,  La Solidaridad
clinical assistant, Dr. L. de Weckert\'s clinic, France

La Liga Filipina
Berlin Ethnographical Society
Berlin Anthropological Society
Gran Oriente de Espana ,  Acacia Lodge No. 9 (Freemason, 1884)

Mi Ultimo Adios,  1898
various essays, allegories, poems and editorials in  La Solidaridad
El Filibusterismo ,  1891
Noli Me Tangere ,  1887
annotations on Antonio de Morga\'s   Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas

Dapita church curtains, oil, 1894
Christ crucified, crayon, 1875
Spanish coat of arms, water color , 1867
Allegory on a pair of porcelain bases of the new year celebration, oil, 1886
Portrait of Morayta , crayon, 1885
Immaculate Conception, crayon
Saturnina Rizal, oil
A painting on a pair of mother-of-pearl, oil

Japan sketches, ink, 1888
Room in which El Filibusterismo was begun, crayon, 1887
Pencil sketch of Dr. Blumentritt , pencil, 1886
Monkey and the Tortoise, ink, 1886
Brooklyn Bridge, pencil, 1886
Limang Salita ,  ink, 1886
Notas Clinicas , ink, 1885
SS Djemnah , pencil, 1882
Manila, pencil, 1882
Singapore lighthouse, ink or pencil, 1882
Along Suez Canal, ink or pencil, 1882
Castle of St. ELmo , ink or pencil, 1882
Aden, ink or pencil, 1882
Fishes caught in Dapitan , ink
Noli Me Tangere cover, ink
Father Pablo Pastells
Leonor Rivera, crayon
Segunda Katigbak , ink
Sulpakan , ink
Mt. Makiling

A las flores del Heidelberg
To the Philippines
Our Mother Tongue
Memories of My Town
Hymn to Labor
A Poem that Has No Title
Song of Maria Clara
To the Philippines Youth
To Josephine
Education Gives Luster