I met a girl at the wedding, we went back to my place and i feel like i have known her forever,

I asked her to marry me and she agrees,I feel like we have a stronge connetcion, we moved in together,

one day she found out that i didn\'t tell my parents about the marriage she got mad and thought

i was ashamed of her and didn\'t tell my parents about her,we got into a argument and she left me

and i cried because i really do love her, i own some companies and she came in to my work place one

day and started to lookfor a job, my assistance gave her the job, seeing her everyday just hurts

me inside that she\'s right infront of me but i can\'t have her, it must have been three months since

we been together, she seemed to be pregnant i really hope it was my kids, i try to hire a detetive

to find out how she is doing,at the end of the month her payment was 1 million dollar check,

she probably need it since she\'s a single mom, one day i couldn\'t stand it anymore i told her

to go into my office cause i wanted to talk to her, i told her i loved her and i really need her

back in my life, she didn\'t say anything so i told her to just go cause i don\'t want to see her a

nd can\'t have her. i found out that she has been spying on me also for these past few months,

i started going out with another girl, she knew that i don\'t love her and she is someone for me to

just replace my wife in my heart, i tried so hard but i just can\'t forget about her, i told her

to come in to my office again and i told her i knew she probably wanted me to sign the divorce paper

and i will get it done as soon as possible, my girl came in theres seems to be sadness and jelousy

in her eyes, it sad to see the expression on her face it hurts me inside that she\'s is hurt. The girl

i\'m going out with knows she will never replace my wife\'s place in my heart we ended the relationship

One day i told my assiatnce to fire her because it just weird that she is around and we

have nothing to say to each other. I can\'t say that i\'m happy b/c she\'s finally out of my life, it hurts

deep inside because theres still part of me that still loves her. I remember the last time i saw her we

were at the lawyers try to get the divorce paper done, i really didn\'t want to sign it she has probably

saw it on my face i really felt like crying at the moment, my tear drop on the divorce paper i can\'t

believe thats how we gonna end, we might not be together for long but it feels like it been forever,

of course i never asked her anything about the kids even though i really wanted to know. I walk out of

the office and slam the door once i signed my name, i feel like theres no turning back there is nothing

i can do to make her change her mind, i remember she called my name when i began to walk out of the

office, can\'t believe it finally over. I really donno what my life will be like without her in my life.

For everyday ever since the divorce, i been missing her more and more everyday that pass by, everyday

after work i just spend the rest of the day at the bar drinking, i really donno what i should do, life

is just not the same without her around. My detective found my my ex wife had two baby boy who are

twins, of course i really wish i could have been there to see the kids and be there for her, i\'m pretty

sure she doesn\'t want to see me anymore and doesn\'t want me to be involve in her life or else

she would have called me and let me know. As usually i go to the