Love and Lust

August 27, 2004

Compare and Contrast


Love and lust are in a way very similar but also very different. To lust someone is to have an intense or uncontrolled sexual craving for that person. To love someone is to have a deep, tender, feeling of attraction, an intense desire and attraction toward a person whom is willing to make a pair with an emotion of sex and romance. I think that lust is more of an infatuation. When it is a lust relationship we are usually just attracted to this person for some type of physical feature. Love and lust are also similar in the way that, with both lust and love, we crave someone else in a sexual way, but the difference is that our emotions are involved in love.

Lust, in a way, is better than love because no one has to worry about other peoples feelings being hurt or even their hearts being broken, as long as the two people in the beginning of the relationship establish that they do not want any type of attachment to each other. Lust does not involve all the emotions that everyone puts in when he/she loves someone else, such as loving someone, missing them when they are gone, or even wondering if the other person is safe where they are at. Nor does it involve all the responsibility and commitment, but no one can lust forever. Lust is a pleasure felt feeling that only lasts for a short period of time, such as a month, week or even a day. Lust does not give anyone comfort or stability. It also does not give us support or encouragement. The only thing that it gives us is pleasure and sometimes the pleasure is not even worth it.

Love, on the other hand, makes everyone feel needed and wanted by someone else other than his/her family and friends. It makes us feel important as if we found our meaning to life. If it is true love we receive emotions, comfort, stability and commitment to each other, which is everything that we do not receive doing a lust relationship. Loving someone else also makes us feel good about ourselves because it makes us feel like we are not being selfish. As everyone’s love progresses for someone else, it makes us want to share more things such, as secrets, valuables, and emotions with that person. We also show them that we care about them and if anything was to happen to them we do not know what we would do.

I think that lust is more involved during the lives of teenagers than adults because most adults know what they want in their lives. I’m not saying that all adults know what they want, but it is proven that they know more of what they want than teenagers do.

Even though some couples are together from their childhoods, who knew that, that was going to happen. As we are teenagers, we really do not know if we love the person who we are with or not, but as the time goes by and the both of us are still together and maturing, we realize that it is more love than lust.

Love and lust are both good and bad. Some people would rather not love, but others feel that loving someone is the best thing that ever happened to them even if one day they lose that person. I think that people who would rather have a lust relationship are either cold hearted, or they are scared to let someone close to them. I do not know why this is, but everyone has his/her own reasons. Like everyone says, “It is better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all!”