Louis XIV

Louis XIV was a good leader for many reasons, some of which will come
out in this essay. Louis ruled with an iron fist, he didn\'t let anyone mess with
France, and if they did , he made them suffer. Second, Louis had mercy on those
who betrayed him, a trait rarely seen in his day and age. Third most he did his
best to bring down the nobles of France, particularly the more richer ones who
thought they were above the law.

Louis ruled with an iron fist he didn\'t let anyone mess around with
France, if anyone had the guts to even think about challenging his power over
the people of France he would do he would go out of his way to make them suffer.
(*1) “At the same time he regarded himself as God\'s deputy in France and would
allow no challenge to his authority, from the Pope or anyone else” Louis got
into many wars while he was ruler of France, he was quick to the draw and did
not hesitate to start a war. To show the

Catholics that he was still a catholic king ,Louis kept mounting pressure
on the French Protestants, until 1685 when he revoked Edict of Nantes. Then he
forbid anyone to practice Calvinism. To the people of France this showed great
strength on the part of Louis, the fact that he could keep he kept everyone in
France inline at the same time. everyone in France obeyed him because he was
such a grand, rich, fair king. Louis got into many wars with other countries
over the stupidest things, when Charles II were to die with no kids, he made
he offered to make Louis\'s grandson the sole beneficiary of the vast inheritance
to be left behind, Louis Accepted the the offer out of pure greed, but that
dicision meant war with Austria. Although, Louis was already getting half of
the money he still greedily accepted the offer, if he had not accepted the
offer war could have been avoided, but hey we all make mistakes

The second thing about Louis that made him a good leader was that he had
Mercy on those who betrayed him which was something rarely seen in that time.
Most Rulers just murdered those who betrayed them, but Louis would jail them. In
the case of Louis\'s most important lieutenant, named Mazarin, He was charged
with peculation and found guilty then sentenced to banishment from France.
Instead of letting the whole ordeal go down Louis intervened and changed
Mazarins sentence from banishment to imprisonment for life. Mercy was a rare
trait at the time of Louis time of reign over France. Mercy was something to be
proud of, because it showed great restraint and overall showed an even greater
strength to govern the people of France, something even I\'d admire if Louis was
my king.

Louis worked hard to bring down the nobles of France, they thought that
they were above the law. the way Louis did this was very interesting. He had
built this palace with 226 rooms and living capacity of 5,001, and he invited
nobles from all over France to come and live with him in Versailles (the name
of his palace). At Versailles they had everything you could ever want and the
best part about it was that you could have it. so how did he bring down the
nobles? well in coming to Versailles, the Nobles left their villages,
castles,towns,what ever the had at home where the normally lived and moved to
Versailles.They left their home and stopped making decisions for their villages,
castles, towns, whatever and when no one heard from the nobles again and Louis
said that he wanted to run things the villagers said “Alright” and the nobles
lost their power and Louis gained some more land and power, pretty smart huh,
give the nobles all the stuff they wanted because it was like pocket lint to
you and then turn around and take their land, it was kind of a fair trade, I
guess, everyone got what they wanted, I mean The nobles got all the stuff the
could ever want and got to live in Versailles and Louis got what he wanted,
more power.

Louis worked very hard everyday , he always put in a good days work. He
never missed a meeting of his council. Louis couldn\'t just sit around all day
he had to be doing something he always had to be moving which was good because
it kept him on top of things.