Lord of the Rings Journal

Year 9 Journal – Lord of the Rings - JRR Tolkien.

Lord of the rings is a wonderful book about a magical land called Middle-Earth. The actual lord of the rings in an evil sorcerer named Sauron. In the fires of Mt Doom, Sauron forged a ring; in it he poured all his evil and dark spirit, this ring made him immortal and an undefeatable foe to the peaceful people of Middle earth. The ring then fell out of known existence after an epic battle during which the ring is cut from Sauron’s hand.

Eventually the ring is recovered, two thousand years later, and ends up in the hands of a hobbit by the name of Frodo Baggins. When Frodo discovers the full tale of the ring he and representatives of all middle-earth set out on an important journey to destroy the evil ring in the only place possible, the fires of Mount Doom where it was forged. Thus securing a safe future for Middle-Earth.

Book 1- The Fellowship of the Ring

Part 1

The story begins in Bag-end where the hobbits Bilbo (Frodo’s uncle) and Frodo live. As it was Bilbo and Frodo’s birthdays they decide to have a party. However, Bilbo has secretly planned to use his ring to disappear and return to his life of adventure. After his plan goes off without a hitch he leaves the Shire. He leaves behind the ring and all Bilbo’s belongings pass to Frodo.

As the rumour of Bilbo’s disappearing act spread. Bilbo’s friend Gandalf the Grey (a great wizard) heard of the news. He found it interesting, so he decided to investigate the magical disappearance. After much study he discovered that his disappearing act was caused by the evil and powerful ring forged by Sauron. So he decided to send Frodo on a journey to Rivendell. (Rivendell is a place where the wise elf-Lord Elrond lives with other wise elves.) Gandalf also sent three of Frodo’s good friends to accompany him. These three were Peregrine Took (Pippin), Meriadoc Brandybuck (Merry) and Samwise Gamgee. When they set out from the Shire, the home of all hobbits, nine dark and formless riders pursue them. These riders are the evil servants of Sauron, who were once great kings until their forms faded and they became wraiths. The wraiths are only loyal to the ring and to Sauron.

The hobbits somehow end up in the old forest on their way to Bree where they meet a strange man who is always singing and being merry. His name is Tom Bombadil and he has great power over the forest. He has a wife by the name of Goldenberry who is the daughter of the river and is mysteriously beautiful. When they eventually exit the forest with the help of Mr. Bombadil they find themselves again stalked by the riders. The riders pursue them to Bree, a small town inhabited by both men and hobbits, where they meet a friend of Gandalf’s named Aragorn. But little does the company know that Aragorn is the true heir of the great kingdom of Gondor, a kingdom to the West of Mordor: the home of the evil Sauron and of Mount Doom.

As the company was nearing the end of their journey to Rivendell, the riders trapped them and one of the evil blades pierces Frodo’s shoulder. Only by the magic of the wise elf-Lord Elrond does Frodo make it to Rivendell alive.

Evaluation of Part 1

I loved this chapter because I got to learn much about Middle Earth’s history. After reading just a couple of pages I knew that I was going to love this book because it was so detailed. The works that I have read so far made me feel that anything is possible and that even the smallest things have great hearts.

My thoughts on characters in this chapter:

The Shire- I love the Shire and imagine it to be like rural Ireland.

Frodo Baggins- A wise hobbit who loves travelling like his great uncle. Smarter than most of the other hobbits. Frodo really loves his friends Pippin, Merry and Sam.

Bilbo Baggins- Bilbo was a famous hobbit adventurer from the Shire. Bilbo showed his great love when adopting the orphan Frodo. I believe Bilbo cared much for the entire Shire and