Lord of the Flies: Summary

By: Wiliam Golding

Main Character Description

Piggy: A large kid, one of the older ones. He was made fun of and teased about
his weight and it drove him crazy. He met Ralph first. Piggy wore glasses, which
later proved vital for fire making. The best way to get to Piggy was to take
away his “specs” because without them, he couldn\'t see a foot away from anything.
He is later killed in the book. He falls fourty feet onto solid rock and his
head splits open.

Ralph: Ralph is chief of the group on the very first day. He was voted above
Jack and his small band of kids. Ralph is one of the oldest. He first meets
Piggy and was the original founder of the Conch Horn. Ralph comes up with many
useful ideas during the novel, like the shelters on the beach. He is hunted
right before they are rescued.

Jack: Has his own band of kids that he later names, his “hunters.” In the
group, they are responsible for the hunting of the pigs of the island; to bring
in meat. Otherwise, the only thing they had to eat was the fruit of the island.
Later on in the novel, Jack leaves the group of kids to be on his own.

Simon: Quiet, out-spoken by everyone, Simon is one of the hardest-working of
them all. He helps Ralph with the shelters and the little ones with fruit. He is
later killed in the novel.

Sam ‘n Eric: Sam and Eric are twins. They help in various problems during the
novel and survive until the end of the novel. Neither of them play a vital role
in the novel.

Chapter Summary

Chapter 1- In the first chapter, the time is right after the plane has wrecked
and they all wake up from the crash. Ralph and Piggy meet each other, walk
around and soon look for other people on the plane. Ralph soon finds the Conch
shell and uses it like a horn to beacon the others. The survivors eventualy find
themselves together in a group; Ralph, Piggy, Jack and his hunters, Sam ‘n Eric
and Simon included. They vote Ralph the chief of the group, make a few rules
(like, whoever has the Conch Shell has the right to speak) and designate Jack
and his band as the group\'s “hunters.” Ralph, Simon and Jack explore the island
and climb it\'s pink mountain to see if the place they were at is trully an
island. They find it is.

Chapter 2- An idea is formed for the group. They decide to designate a place on
the top of the mountain and make a fire-pit for a signal to ships or planes that
may be passing by. The whole group colects tons and tons of wood and dead leaves
and heaves them alll into a pile. They use Piggy\'s specs to start the fire by
placing them between the sun and the pile. Soon, the fire consumes all of the
materials they had collected and very little smoke had been created. Piggy is
made upset and he starts a much bigger fire. They all get in an argument. Then
meet back down at the meeting place.

Chapter 3- In this chapter, the group attempt to make huts on the beach. It
turns out that Ralph and Simon end up doing all the work. The shelters are not
very good ones and the progress is slow. Jack is upset that he cant get any meat
for the group to eat, and that his band of hunters spend all their time in the
bathing pool.

Chapter 4- In this chapter, a few of the kids find out about camoflauge and such.
Some of them paint their faces for hunting. Jack included. He decides white and
red to plit his face then a black line from his right eye to his left jaw. A
ship came within sight of the island, but Jack and his group of kids went
hunting so the fire was left and went out.

Chapter 5- Three shelters have been built by this time in the novel and a
restroom was about to be built by the bathing pool. They were going to build the
restroom by the bathing pool so the tide can clean everything out. (their
camping area was getting a little dirty) Chief Ralph also made a new rule that
no fire ever be made unless it\'s on the mountain. And that if they didn\'t keep
that fire going, they\'ll die.