Logging in Tasmania.

I think that Logging in Tasmania is a very profitable business but is bad for the environment as after logging there are large scars left in the place there were once nice looking trees. This has its effect on the native wildlife and every year 15 to 20 Million Tonnes of vandalised forest called logging waste is burnt. This is Tasmania\'s contribution to Global Warming.

Logging has a very bad effect on the environment, but it isn’t just the logging its self but the things they do after. After Logging they get all the wood and left overs in a big pile and then set it alight with a napalm like chemical and the fire gets so hot that no native animals are left. After all that is done they plant some quick growing plants and call it a forest plantation and as they don’t want any surviving animals eating they’re new investment so they poison them with 1080.

The Trucks that they use to transport the Logs are very dangerous, not so much to the environment but to the people that share the road with them as drivers are pushed to drive fast than they should to meet industry demands.

Some of the Better sides to the logging Industry are:

· More Jobs for Tasmania.

· Brings more money into the Tasmanian economy.

· Brings Tourists in to Tasmania.

· Opens up overseas trade.

Logging in Tasmania has its good sides but has more bad sides than good but Tasmania needs Logging to Survive in todays day of age. So even though Logging isn’t good for the environment and kills thousands of native animals, with out it every one in Tasmania would see that Tassie is a no hoper state and move to the mainland.





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