Linkin Park is a band who sings rock songs. They are good band as rock. Did you know what did Linkin Park did to become a band? Did you know about their music and songs? Did you know how many Albums are there of Linkin Park? Well follow along in this paper and know the answers to unlock your mind and know the truth.

Linkin Park became in a Band in 1996, and Later On became a band. It took them time to become a band. Practice and practice on the instrument they play. Words got to rhyme with the music and if the word does not rhyme with the music, then people would not like their music. There are 6 people in the band. Chester and Mike are the main singer of the Band. One of the people is the producer of the band and rest of the people plays instrument. Drums, Scratch Record, and Electric Guitar.

Moving on with Linkin Park history. Did you notice all of their songs? When they play a song, there is at least one song in an Album that will make the people interest. When they came with the Hybrid Theory Album. People did not like all of their song, but there was one song that made the audience interest their music. The song name is called IN THE END. In that song, music and the words makes the audience be in that song, even their video of this song. Also makes people no left out. Linkin Park came out with 7 Albums. Hybrid Theory, Hybrid Theory EP, One Step Closer, Reanimation, Meteora, Linkin Park Live in Texas and one of their albums was unknown. How ever people became interested in their albums. Did you know Meteora made the highest sale in Rock Music, when ever it came out? Did you know that there is a DVD of Linkin Park Live in Texas as the album of Linkin Park Live In Texas. Linkin Park worked the same way as the artist Limp Bizkit worked to sell his album.

Know think about it, that Linkin Park will now rock your world or not. Just listen to their songs for few times, no matter if you like rap or hip hop. Just know the truth by listing to the word on that song. Now you know who is LINKIN PARK and what type of music they played.