Life is only what you make it. If a person chooses to make nothing of their life, then their life will be nothing. Life is made up of goals and dreams and wishes. If one doesn’t have these things, then they have never really lived.

I am not sure what my goal in life is yet. I know I have dreams and wishes pertaining to the future. I will be happy when I die as long as I know that I didn’t live in vain: that I had some kind of effect on the world around me.

Everyone’s purpose is different. We aren’t on this earth solely to take up space and pollute, we are here for a reason. Some people are going to be presidents and leaders and great thinkers…and some people are going to be working at the 7-11. But no one’s life is more important than anyone else’s. Everyone is equal in that aspect.

Another thing is being able to create. Everyone should create something. Even if they suck at it, they should try. Just contributing to the world via art makes their life worth it. Whether it is singing, writing, dancing, painting, crafting, cooking, gardening, whatever their hearts desire…the point is everyone should make some kind of contribution to the world. When we are gone, the only thing that will be left is garbage and art. We should choose which one we want to leave behind for people to judge our culture by.

Almost everyone has goals. Not all goals are attainable though. I am a great believer in destiny. What is meant to be will happen, no matter what happens along the way. If a person is destined to find the cure for cancer when they are 60 years old, then they will find the cure. If a person is destined to find 20 bucks in a gutter tomorrow, then they will find it. Practically everyone has goals. But those goals will not stand in the way of what is to be.

Life is what you make it. If you want life to be dark and dreary and depressing, it will be. If you choose to live your life finding beauty in things rather than faults, you will be happier. Life is as painful as you make it. You can waste your days drowned in sorrow and darkness, or you can love life. Neither is easy, but the choice must be made.

Another part of life is experiencing things. I have friends who have traveled the world and directed movies and really done some amazing things. It does bother me that my experiences are somewhat limited. But things like that have to be made up for when I am older. If you close yourself off to everything that is new and different, you might as well be living in a box. Keeping and open mind and having a willingness to try new things let you truly experience life.

Life is only what you want it to be, what you make it to be. It can be meaningless, or it can be full of everything. And it is truly different for every person. That is what makes it great. For some people life is nothing but trying to be rich and successful. But it is so much more than that. Life is a quest for happiness and love and art and experience. And when you really try to make the most out of it, it is the greatest thing you will ever own.