Lies and Trues

Occasionally a viewpoint can be heard that telling a truth would have people hurt as long as, for them, the harsh reality prove to be unacceptable, that, in comparison with, making a story would prohibit, to a large extent, an innocent person from the impact of the real world, consequently they say that ,they tend to play a role of liar instead of a truth-teller , I disagree with this point of view for three main reasons .

First and foremost, the honest in character would be compromised under the atmosphere of barely telling truth. The petty behavior, containing ill intention ,such as cheating teacher with a unreasonable pretext of ,say ,illness at home for the absence in class could be considered as dishonest in personality which means that the loss of the trust of relatives ,friends, what is worse ,our society .

Secondly, it is an undoubtedly true that a lie, no matter original purpose results from kindhearted or vice, will be revealed one day. A well-weaved lie can contribute, to some agree, to assisting a man in controlling contemporary situation, however, what is under control of he is just the current condition, but not the active ears and mouths on the face of others, which ultimately and inevitably cause the incredible fact will descend on those who take the lie as real .Yet, at that moment, he will end up with being trapped in the troubles which telling a lie brings.

Last but not the least, having people learn how to conquer the difficulties, not cheated with unreal words is the key to solve the problems .The one maintains the idea of having things to chance, and flee from the strike of the reality would deserve one s punishment inevitably, on the contrary, those learn to face up with the unbelievable truth, do its utmost to conquest it will lead their lives to a bright future eventually.

To sum up, telling the lie rather than the truth, as it was in the past -------as it is now ------- and as someday, so we hope, it shall no longer be.