Letter To Pam


Frosh Theology

February 22, 2004

Dear Ms. Stenzel
I have watched and listened to your speech on sex and relationship and moved on the way you talked about this topic in a good way and in a bad way. I really enjoyed the information you provided me during your speech such as two million adoptions will not be answered and it costs 10 thousand dollars a year for kids who are not adopted and it also takes a average of ten years for a child to get adopted (Pam Stenzel movie). This statistic really struck me and made me realize that it isnít worth having sex at a early age after you said that twelve thousand people in one day get STDs (Pam Stenzel movie). These two statistics made me look at the topic of having sex in a different way and that I should wait since I do not want to get a STD or have a kid while I am in school. These part of your speech was the most convincing part. I also think that you are also telling that you really canít trust the person you like since that person can be lying that he or she is a virgin since you said this line a couple of times in your speech. During your speech you said that sex needs boundaries and I agree with this, but you said sex needs the boundaries of marriage. I totally agree with your idea in a way on having sex later on but having during marriage is a little too much to ask since I know many people who have kids before they are married and they live happily. I think there are many points I agree with you but some I canít agree with you.

I also want to tell you that the way you speak is very effective, but I think that you talk in a very unpleasant or mad tone. It makes me have a felling that you are a very mean person, which I hope you are not or you may have problems dealing with other teenagers. I also think that the comment on the one person that works at Burger King was a little unnecessary and was cruel to the person that has to go through that experience. I know you were saying that example to make other kids not want to be in that situation, but I think that saying that this person was really happening was a little cruel and unnecessary. Even though you may have talked in a mean way to me during the speech you went through I thought you got your point straight out and made a difference to the young adults you were talking to and my class who was watching your video. The last comment I would like to make was the speed you named the sexually transmitted diseases was very funny since it sounded like a car dealer, and when you made the scenario of a person asking someone to marry him and at the end saying, ďBy the way I have genital warts,Ē was hilarious.

Thank you for taking your time reading my comments to your speech and I hope that you will be able to change other peoples lives through your speech by having them make the right choice in their life.