Lawn Chair Pilot

Some people pursue there dreams, and get penalized for it. That is what happened in Larry Walters case. In my opinion, Walters should not have been prosecuted for breaking air traffic regulations. First and foremost, he did not cause any accidents, and there was no harm done. Also, he didnít expect it to fly that high, only 30 feet. Therefore, he had no intention of flying in a no fly zone, or breaking any rules. Thirdly, Walters was pursuing a dream and experimenting, and the FAA are to strict about air traffic. As he said, ďIf the FAA had been around when the Wright Brothers were testing their airplane, there would have never made their first flight at Kitty Hawk.Ē Lastly, I think that rather than being penalized, he should have been rewarded with some type of recognition for his innovative idea of a flying chair. In conclusion, Larry Walters was penalized for following his dream, a penalization that I think is unjust.