Latona Crevours

Even though Crevecour clearly explains his points of an American life they are not valid because he is an idealist. We do not consider ourselves to be emigrants any longer we are Americans. Colonial America was not as majestic as Crevecour had made it out to be he failed to mention the hardships that colonial Americans faced. Crevecour’s work can not be considered historical because his epistle did not reflect this life.

Today in America we do not consider ourselves to be emigrants. We consider ourselves to just be Americans. This is because backgrounds of different nationalities have combined together in the “melting pot”. Italians married English, Polish married Germans, and so on. All the different nationalities had melted down and molded themselves into Americans.

Colonial America was not the utopia that Crevecour pronounced it to be. America would not have been created if we didn’t heartlessly steal the land from the Native Americans. We had segregated the African-Americans from the white people for centuries. Women did not have much either, they couldn’t vote until 1920. America isn’t the most perfect place to live. It still has its problems like every other country so we are from the utopia Crevecour made it out to be.

Crevecour’s work can not be considered history. It can not be considered history because its purely his opinion. He only thinks America is great but he doesn’t exactly prove his points with actual historical dates or documents. His epistle did not reflect his own life. His family was killed and his farm was burnt down in America while he was in Europe. Crevecour did not find out until he had returned with nothing left.

America is one if not the best country to live in today. We have more opportunities in our country that other people in other countries could only wish for. Some people hate their native countries and want to leave them. People in Cuba everyday are making their own boats and are trying to get to America just to start a new life. Yet here in America we still do have our own problems. People are killing, robbing, burning peoples houses down, etc. everyday here in America. Yes, it is a great place to live but we do have our own problems.

In closing, although Crevecour glorified the positive points of an American life, he completely avoided the negative aspects. Some of these negative things even affected him personally, but he chose to overlook them. America is a nation that is no different from any other nation. It rose from it\'s hardships, but still continues to struggle each day. There is no such thing as a perfect nation, and Crevecour\'s essay over exaggerates that. America is a real nation. One that fought for what they believed in but still had its faults.