"Land of Dreams" By: Joan Lowery Nixon

Characters List:
1) Kristian Swensen
2) Her father
3) Her mother
4) Jenny Berglund
5) Johan Olsen


This story takes place on a farm in Minnesota. Kristian just moved from
Sweden to the United States of America. This story sounds like it came from the
1920\'s to 1940\'s. It is full of dialog.


Kristian Swenson, a 16 year old Swedish girl, immigrates to the United
States to seek a new life. Kristian She makes a vow to forget her old life in
Sweden and accept her new surroundings in the United States. She longs to speak
English and help the causes of women\'s rights.
Her parents, however, want her to settle down and get married. Her new
friend, Jenny, and her new romance, Johan helps her through the tough times in
America. Kristian finally finds her dream for equal rights for women at the end
of the story. Who would have thought?


From this story, I have learned that not all dreams just "come true". It
needs hard determination and effort to get the miracle. Although "Land of
Dreams" is fiction, it does show real life experiences of immigrants to the
United States. That I will remember.

Category: Social Issues