Lady Chatterley’s Lover

D.H Lawrence

I. Setting: 1917

Wragby‑English midlands

II. Characters:

Constance(Connie) Reid/Chatterley: female protagonist. She is intellectual, and would at the time have been considered sexually promiscuous. Marries Clifford Chatterley and assumes the title of Lady Chatterly. She falls in love with Oliver Mellors (the estate gamekeeper) and conceives his child.

Oliver Mellors ‑Connie’s lover, and gamekeeper on her estranged husband’s estate. Though he is but a servant, he is intelligent and noble. Having been long since disappointed in his love affairs, he lives in quiet isolation, until Connie enters his life

Clifford Chatterley‑ Connie’s husband. He is a minor nobleman who is paralyzed He retires to his family estate in Wragby, where he becomes a successful writer and eventually, a powerful businessman. But while Clifford busy’s himself with fortune and fame, he and his wife grow apart. He is not truly interested in loving his wife. He turns to his nurse, Mrs. Bolton, for solace.

Ivy Bolton‑ Mr.Chatterley’s caretaker. She is an attractive, middle aged woman. Even though she, at times, despises Clifford (as he owned the mines her husband died in), she still worships him.

III. Plot: The novel begins by introducing Constance Reid and her sister Hilda Reid. The two were raised in a middle‑class, Bohemian style. They were both introduced to love affairs at an early age. In 1917, at the tender age of 23, Connie marries Clifford Chatterley. After their one‑month honeymoon, Clifford is sent to war. He returns paralyzed from the waist down, and impotent.

After the war, Clifford becomes something of a famous writer and his estate, Wragby, is constantly visited by admirers. Connie feels isolated and takes up with an affair with Michaelis(a visiting playwright). The affair was brief and dissatisfying. Connie desperately wants real human contact. She falls into despair. She and Clifford become estranged, as he has retreated into the pursuit of writing success. Mrs. Bolton is hired to take care of the handicapped Clifford. This is so that Connie can be more independent. Clifford depends on Mrs. Bolton, driving his manhood into recession.

While Connie is deep in despair, she meets the gamekeeper, Oliver Mellors. He has newly returned from serving in the army. Though he is extremely aloof, Connie is drawn to him. Through several chance meetings, Connie is reminded of their differences in class. He keeps her at arms length. They meet by chance at a hut in to forest where they have lustful sex. This happens on several occasions, but she still feels an unspeakable distance between them.

One day, Connie and Mellors meet in the woods, by coincidence, and they have sex on the forest floor. This time, they orgasm simultaneously. This is extremely moving for Connie. It is at this point that she begins to adore Mellors. She feels that they have connected on some deep, sensual level. She believes she is pregnant with his child, and is overjoyed at the thought. He is a real, "living" man, the one Connie has been longing for. He is the opposite of her emotionally dead husband, and the other intellectuals she has slept with. She and Mellors grow closer and connect as woman and man.

Connie decides to go away to Venice on vacation. While she is gone, Mellors’ old wife returns and causes somewhat of a scandal. Upon Connie’s return, she discovers that Mellors has been fired due to rumors spread by his resentful wife. Connie tells Clifford that she is pregnant with Mellors’ baby, but Clifford will not give her the divorce she has asked for. The novel ends with Oliver Mellors working on a farm, waiting for his divorce. Connie is living with her sister and waiting, with hope, that they will be together eventually.

IV. Conflict: man vs. man

V. Theme: love in all the wrong places

VI. Point of View: third person omniscient

VII. Reaction: The novel intrigued me, because my sister recommended it. So I expected something...different. The book turned out to be nothing more than a soft core porn. While the underlying themes make the book worthwhile, I was not pleased with the outcome. She is hoping to end up with the man she loves. I doubt even that she is in love with him. I believe that she is in