Ku Klux Klan In life people believe in lots of different things and one that people dispute about all the time is the beliefs of the Ku Klux Klan otherwise known as the KKK. They are a religious cult that discriminates against people because they are different from them. They are a cult that people all over the world find as a disgrace to the human race. Then there are others who agree with them. From the beginning of the KKK when it was at its peak to know when it is starting to decrease slowly they are going to be a controversy all through the time humans are on earth. The KKK is in modern day can not help being the way they are. They were brought up in a religion that they couldn’t pick. How would you like to be in there position? The Ku Klux Klan is a religious group in the USA. The group was founded for the first time immediately after the civil war and separated not even after a year of being united (they didn’t have a name though out this time)[Britannica volume 9 page 17]. In the year 1877 century the group reunited by a bunch of veterans and the organization gave them selves a name which was Ku Klux Klan. Klan came from the Greek word “kyklos” and Ku Klux were to other Greek words that made it and alliteration [Britannica volume 9 page 17]. The Klan’s Leader was a man named Nathan Bedford Forrest. Forrest was a man who was born in Tennessee [www.k-k-k.com]. Forrest decided that to keep him and his men out of trouble they would have to hide there identity so they dressed in white wearing with robes with a pointy white hat to cover there face. Forrest decided since he no one knew who they were they could start a treason on scalawags and Negroes [Britannica volume 17 page 917]. The Klan was at its peak in the late nineteenth century and the early twentieth century. The Klan is the reason white people ruled Tennessee, Louisiana and Texas [Britannica volume 9 page 17]. The Klan would burn a cross on the front lawn of the persons they were about to attack and break a window to wake them [www.k-k-k.com]. The burning cross symbolizes the ideals of Christian civilization [www.k-k-k.com]. They decided to do this because of a story in the bible called Calvary’s Rugged but Holy Cross [www.k-k-k.com]. In that passage it explain the how the flaming cross is a symbol of sacrifice, service, a sign of the Christian religion and the fire signified that Christ is the light of the world [Britannica volume 21 page 214]. When the clan burns there cross they mean no disrespect to the lord or the cross they do it to symbolize cleanliness and purify their virtues by burning out their sins from in the fire [www.k-k-k.com]. The history of the fiery cross is of Scottish origin; it was utilized as a sign of opposition to tyranny from big government and obedience to God [www.k-k-k.com]Now that our generation is able to find out about the KKK so easily there is always the question What will we tell our Children when they ask? The Klan has is a great part of American history and will always be. THIS IS THE BURNING OF THE CROSS