Kinds of Learning

There are thousands of technologies coming out every month. People must learn use these innovations everyday because this world is changing so fast. More recently learning has been influenced by new-style viewpoints, new technologies, and varieties of subjects. Learning has grown in many ways. Three of the more successful styles are internet-learning, old-style learning,[going to school], outdoor learning

One of the newer styles of learning is internet-learning. The internet-learning has been developing for years. It came from an idea: Why can’t people stay home and get knowledge?” People like me do not like get up in the morning and riding in a car for half an hour to go to school; busy parents have children to take care of who are still little babies. They can’t leave them alone for one second. Today we have new technologies to help them out. Busy parents and lazy people like me need computers which connect to the internet. Internet students just choose their best time to sit in front of computers for 20 minutes. It’s easy, quick, and much cheaper, because internet classes don’t need any classrooms as schools do. All they need are bunch of teachers, computers, and websites.

Another style of learning is schools. Old style learning has been existed for a long time. Some strict parents think their children need more discipline, so they believe going to schools is the best way to be educated. Well, I admit that schools are good place to learn not just studies, but also life. For example, in the school, we have to learn the interactions between classmates and teachers, the right way to respect others and have good personalities. These are important, too.

A third style of learning is outdoor training or learning [such as going to shop and P.E]. In my opinion, outdoor learning is the most effective and efficient ever. Right now I am taking an automobile class. We often go to the shop to do some repairs, or experience what a real mechanic does. I feel that I learn a lot more than studying in the class. I actually feel it, control it. Another example, sometimes ESL teachers take us outside of school to go to a museum or a theater. We can easily remember and understand what we are watching,

People are learning everyday or maybe every minute, because they know this world is changing in a very high speed. It seems like we are on a high-speed train passing the stations. If we don’t have enough knowledge to keep up the train, we might fall off the train.