Kevin Kelly
Prof. Powers
Hst 231

Galileo's Heresy

In 1616 , the world was the center of the universe, literally. After Aristotle gave his theory that the earth was the center of the universe; Galileo gave his theory that the sun was the center of the universe. This was not only opposite of what most of the world believed, but also what the church believed. When you went opposed the church there was almost always a bad outcome for that person. Not only did Galileo oppose the way that the church thought about the universe but he also opposed the teachings that ways the basis of how most of Europe was educated. Allowing him to dispute any of the church's teachings is stating that he is smarter than the scholastic philosophers and theologians that have learned the Aristotelian cosmology . This could harm the holy faith by rendering the scripture false . He stated th at the word of god is incorrect which means that everythi ng that is believed was wrong. The only proof that he has is his own personal experiences looking through a telescope which at this time was a c hild ' s toy. And he is the only person who has the ability to see the stars and the planets without anybody with the ability to oppose him . Galileo questions that we only have the word from the bible which comes from the word of G od . If we allow one person to speak against the church on this topic , then people will go against anything they dislike about our teachings. With the information from thousands of years that we have studied and understood we have to go with information that we know and believe in that comes directly from G od.
Aristotle proved that the earth is not moving with his test with the rock which is the main part of Galileo's theory that the earth is moving around the sun. His test which was dropping rock to show that if the earth was moving then the rock wouldn't fall in the same spot that it was dropped from, it would be in a off to the side. With this being the best possible answer the church has then used it in their teachings.
Galileo's major statement is that the earth circles the sun. Not only is the incorrect about that he also believes that science is correct and the bible is wrong. He says that his teaching and the bible cannot be taught at the same time. He believes G od is wrong and his teachings are correct.
The church has always taught that the moon and other planets have always been perfect. When Galileo looked at the moon he saw what he believed was mountains and valleys. But what is more likely just like the earth and have clouds covering parts of the moon. These clouds that cover some of the moon make it seem as if there are those m ountains and valleys. If there were mountains on the moon you would be able to see them all the time and Galileo would not be the only person to be able to see it.
The telescope that was used to see all of these new discovers were from a c hild ' s telescope. He added a lens from a second telescope which just doubles the magnification. Yes , he can see better but is still not clear enough to have a good enough view of the stars and planets. This a lone makes his findings up for a review.
Finally Galileo did try this once before and was told quietly to not make and movements forward on his ideas. After years of him trying to move on this idea he finally published his findings. This forced the church to now arrest Galileo and charge him with heresy due to his attack against the church. With the church following the Aristotle following that the heavens and other planets go around the earth which follows the teachings of the church.
Galileo has been tried for heresy because he has gone away from the Holy Scripture and the teachings of