Kennedy’s Assassination

On the 22nd of November 1963 a terrible tragedy struck America. The 35th president of the United States, Mr John Fitzgerald Kennedy, had been assassinated whilst driving through Dallas.

In this essay I will explore and explain the event leading up to, and including and the aftermath of the assassination.

On the 22nd of November President John F. Kennedy, even after being warned about the dangers of driving through Dallas was doing so, in an open top car with his wife Jackie, both waving graciously to spectators who lined the streets to greet the president of the United States. President Kennedy was on his way to a political meeting.

When the car reached the junction of Elm Street and Houston Street 3 shots were fired from the fifth floor of an office building. President Kennedy was shot in the head and back of the neck.

He crumpled to the floor of the car as Jackie ducked, unharmed.
Immediately the car was rushed to hospital by a Secret Service member where President Kennedy was rushed into the emergency room and Governor Connally was took into surgery.

President Kennedy had a blood transfusion although he died approximately 35 minutes after being shot.

Once it was confirmed that President Kennedy was dead the police set out to search for a cold-blooded killer. The police chased an ex marine, Lee Harvey Oswald through a cinema and an officer, officer Tippet was shot during the chase. Lee Harvey Oswald was eventually apprehended and taken into custody. As he was cuffed he said “It’s all over now.”

Oswald was the chairman of a group called “Fair Play for Cuba Committee” and was married to a Russian girl.

However, 2 days after Kennedy’s death as he was being transferred to another prison. He was shot in the ribs at point blank range by a Dallas Night Club owner, Jack Ruby.

Kennedy’s funeral was a very upsetting time for America and many other countries. The Streets of Washington were lined with millions of people as Kennedy’s coffin, bronze with an American flag draped over it, passed on the way to St. Matthew’s cathedral where the ceremony would be held before President Kennedy was buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

America now had a new President, Former Vice President, Lyndon Baines Johnson, a 55 year old Native Texan who took the Oath of Office at five minutes to four whilst he flew back to Washington with Jackie and the dead Ex-President, Mr John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

This was an important event for the Americans of the 1060’s as their much beloved President had died so suddenly at the hands of Oswald for no apparent reason. It also meant great grief for them and their families as they mourned a man who had led their country, in most people’s opinions, greatly.

However it was not an important or life changing event for most people of other countries as this was of no relevance to them and did not affect their every day lives or the running of their country.

Overall I cannot decide whether it was an important event of the 1960’s because they are strong arguments on either side of the debate and I, for one, am undecided.