Justin Hall
Professor Gerber
English 102
October 4, 2017
Phobias are caused by?
Have you ever directly seen the things that you are most afraid of? Why are you even afraid of the things you're most afraid of? These are questions often asked around the world and the answers always vary. Most are confused on whether what they have is just a fear or if it is an actual phobia. Direct negative experiences cause people to develop phobias greater than fears because they cause social a nxiety disorders , get forever linked into your nervous system , and provide first hand trauma.
A fear is described as the feeling felt when in the presence of danger. Fearing something such as heights for example or falling, is not a phobia, because there is a rational danger with a nee d for survival . Only when the fear becomes irrational does it become a phobia A phobia is a persistent irrational fear of a specific thing or situation that compels one to avoid it at all costs despite the reassurance that there is no impending danger. Phobias interfere with a person's everyday life, and daily routine which make them irrational. Take that fear of falling for example. If that fear of falling prevents you from climbing ladders to get a job done or from crossing a bridge to get to school then it becomes irrational. Now there are 3 different types of phobias linked with direct negative experiences. Social phobias, panic disorders and specific phobias.
A direct negative experience involving intimate social structures creates social phobias. Social phobias typically begin to show in early childhood to adolescence stages and are classified as fear of being scrutinized socially. Social phobias are fears such as being critically judged by strangers, or even showing certain emotions in public such as blushing. The two most common social phobias are the fear of eating in public and the fear of any encounter with the opposite sex. Feeling powerless against these anxieties often leads thos e effected to live lonely lives as they are terrified of embarrassment and humiliation. This feeling lingers into the adult life due to its ability to stay in the back of the mind, buried deep inside of the brains structure.
With a memory of a direct negative experience being locked in your brain, it can then be brought out automatically, unconsciously when entering a similar situation. The phobia then acts as kind of a panic reaction caused certain specific stimuli in the brain, becoming infused with one's insular cortex. The insular cortex is in the center of your limbic system, which is responsible for your emotions as well as your survival "fight or flight" response when the feeling of danger is presented . This is what causes the fear to become persistent, as it slowly becomes a part of you , becoming a phobia . Because of having such a direct negative experience, you become traumatized.
Direct negative experiences eventually become traumatic memories not only coming back when you enter a similar situation but they also bring back smells, sounds and exact sights and smells of the original memory. This happens because once its imbedded into your stimuli, it no longer goes by time. Meaning that the past no longer exists for that memory. It instead exists everywhere, all the time, in the persisting present. The persistence, makes this experience ultimately become a phobia. A question that most combat with is "What if I have a traumatic memory that isn't a memory of my own, does that still cause phobias?"
The answer is no . To say that there is a situation where someone can develop a phobia without actually having the direct negative experience needed to stimulate certain feelings just does not make any sense. If you aren't getting the direct negative feedbacak of something , then it is not going to caue you to have anxiety, nor is it going to live within your stimuli and cause you traumatic flashbacks. This argument springs from the idea that seeing someone experience something can also traumatize the witness. This is complete nonsense. If you witness someone being shot, here is no way that the