Justin Hall
Professor Gerber
English 102
15 September 2017
You're A Cheat!
Have you ever locked eyes with someone else who you aren t in a relationship with and let that moment fester into something more than you just exchanging compliments and smile at each other? Well, you re a cheat! Why? How, you may ask? Because flirting is cheating. Cheating is to act dishonestly or unfairly by performing any type of intimate acts with another person who you are not in a relationship with while in a relationship with someone else . And by flirting, you are behaving as though attracted to or trying to attract someone else, showing many forms of interest in them . B y cheating in a relationship with flirting , you break your relationship boundaries, disrespect your partner, as well as destroy your relationship altogether.
By committing to a relationship, you agree to only give a certain part of yourself to your partner. When you flirt, you are break those relationship boundaries within your committed relationship that were built upon commitment. F lirting , shows sexual interest and gives special attention that only your partner should get by law of relationship standards and by doing so, that interest becomes a betraying one. By showing such betraying interest in someone other than your significant other you are disrespecting them greatly.
When you a re flirting and going beyond the boundaries and you know that your significant other would not be happy with how you are behaving with another woman/man you are showing blatant disrespect towards them. Getting someone else s number or nowadays, snapchat, Instagram, and even twitter can be disrespectful as it shows you are interested. It shows that you want to communicate with that person again in some way shape or form even though your s ignificant other does not like it. If you continue to disrespect your partner and let your new fling hang around longer than needed, you would either tell you r partner upfront about the cheating , and end the trust in the relationship, hoping for some form of redemption or you can hide it and become secretive . And when you hide things, s uch as recently picked up digits or now, even new snapchat hotties you still inevitably sprout an element of betrayal which ruins any relationship.
Accompanying this element of betrayal is the element of distrust. When your partner does not trust you, they will always think you are snooping around. And when they suspect something, nine times out of then they usually find out. Even if you trust your partner completely, you cannot be inside their head. This can stir up any number of unpleasant feelings and t hey will do research ad figure out what you've been doing behind their back. Ultimately end ing not only the relationship but possibly the relationship with your new fling as well. You could even slip up one day and forget that what you' re doing is disrespectful when in a relationship and just simply get caught in the act.
Although being around someone you really think is cool should never be a problem. It doesn't necessarily mean you should go out and flirt with every attractive person you come in walk into, but rather that you should be able to be yourself while respecting your significant other. Still, your significant other should be put before random strangers. So please try to get clear boundaries set in place and listen to what they must say about flirting while in a relationship with them.
Now, nobody is saying that two people of the opposite sex cannot be friends with each other. Nor saying that you cannot be friendly or nice to someone of the opposite sex. Having friends and being nice is perfectly acceptable when in a relationship. You just must remember and respect the boundaries within your relationship. Because remember, flirting is cheating. It causes nothing but pain and anguish not only for you but your partner as well. Respecting your boundaries is key to a long-lasting cheat-free relationship . When you are working towards a cheat free, respectful relationship then your relationship has all the necessary keys to