Justice System

Well, I would say that I know a fair amount about the criminal justice system in the US. I have worked in a county jail in Buffalo, MN now for about a year part-time and also have a few friends who have work in the system as police and correction officers. What I have experienced there is that it does work for the individuals who did something stupid and got caught for it, but then there is the regulars who no matter how many times they have been there the will still get out and do something stupid again. There was one individual who has been in the jail I work at around 20 times. I think it comes down to the way that they were raised as children, with discipline or without an at all. As for the people who get caught, know that the did something stupid and serve their time, I believe that the system works. From talking to some of the inmates, I get the sense from the first-timers that admit they screwed up that being in jail is not a fun place to be. They really have nothing to do all day besides sleep, read, or watch TV unless it is a day that has some sort of activity scheduled. Also, from talking to some of the other correctional officers that work there full-time, they experience more interaction between the inmates. From what they have told me there is a big difference between the two types of people I am talking about here. One is that the repeat offenders (most of them) come from rough backgrounds and have messed up ideas of what they can and canít do out in the public and in jail, others are just stupid if you ask me. Then there is the first-timers who just happened to do something stupid at the wrong time. These people seem to be a little smarter and wiser. They know that they screwed up, the others mainly think that police and everyone is out to get them. From what I have heard from my father, that back when he was growing up that you had a choice when you got convicted of a certain crime that you could serve jail time or join a branch of the military. I went through military training and it whipped me into shape, before I joined I was on a path for jail. I think that is a good idea for some of these repeat offenders, not to necessarily join the service but to have to go through the boot camp part of it to instill in them a little discipline and help keep them out of the system. I guess I am torn if the system is effective for all types of people who are put in it. All in all I think it really depends on the person who got in trouble if the system is effective because of the individuals personality types, morals, upbringing, and other factors that they have with them.