Julius Caesar: Brutus\' Mistakes

The theme I picked for Julius Caesar essay is the mistakes made by Brutus.
According to Mr. Holtz Brutus was stupid and many mistakes. The first one was
him even joining the Conspirators. The second was letting Anthony live and
speak at the funeral. The final mistake was his battle plan. Every one does
make mistakes sometimes, but mistakes Brutus made where plainly stupid. I
feel the first mistake was Brutus joining the conspirators in the first place.
His mine was easily manipulated by the conspirators. They gave him the
justification he needed to kill Caesar, which was “its Good of Rome.” The
assumption was that Caesar would eventually take the crown, which would never
less destroyed Rome according to Brutus thoughts. By making this assumption and
joining the other conspirators he set him self up for many problems for him
and for Rome. This was one of the fatal mistakes made by Brutus.

Brutus actually made two mistakes with Mark Antony. The first was letting Mark
Antony live and the second was letting him speak alone at the funeral. When
Cassius first suggested that they should kill Mark Antony, which they should of,
but the noble Brutus said “Our course will seem to bloody.” That was not his
only mistake with Mark Antony he also let him speak at Caesar funeral. He was
warned by Cassius, but Brutus ignored him as usual. When Mark Antony spoke he
got crowd on his side and they killed all the conspirators except for Brutus
and Cassius (they excepted the angry mob and left Rome). This was some more
trouble that was caused by Brutus.

In the war Brutus makes another dumb decision. He wanted to go into Rome and
take it over, but Cassius wanted them to wait for the army to come. Of course
they follow Brutus decision and they are defeated. This was yet another bad
decision by Brutus. This final decision he lost his life.

I wonder some time who is worst Brutus stupidness or Cassius ignorance. This
was the fatal mistake was the cause of his death. Through out the play all
these mistakes Cassius still followed Brutus. Brutus may have been a natural
leader but he just wasn\'t good at it. Through this play it shows how people in
life get many chances, but sometimes still fail. Through all his failure his
life was lost. One of lesson to be learned is to look at the past because it
may save you in the future.

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