Journal Entry #1

January 27, 2004

English 1301

When I was a child I was so cute. I really donít mean to brag or anything but I was cute. All kind of people loved me. So my mother says. I was the type of child that would get away with even the worst things possible, and the one child that almost everyone in the family loved. Christmas would come and there I was opening almost every present. Almost of all my cousin tell me they hated me when we where younger. They say I was the one little girl that looked like she didnít break a plate and in reality would break them all. I was also the one child that everyone wanted to play with. I have a big imagination ever since I was child. My parents tell me I would say some stories with a little too much action in them. I would actually act them out. As a child I was also a very independent kid. If none of my cousin or friends wouldnít want to play with me. I would play by myself. Everything would go right till that one Easter when I was playing by myself and I did one something to one of my grandmotherís plants and everyone else but I go in trouble for it.

When I was seven years old going on eight Easter day came and I was so excited. I was going to be getting a big Easter bag and I would be wearing brand new cloths. So that day my mother told me to get into the shower cause I we where going to go church and the to my grandmotherís house. So I jumped from the sofa, turned of the television, and got into the shower. When I got out I was so happy my Dad had put my basket on top of my bed. My basket was so pretty it had a Barbie inside and all these kinds of candies. Well I finished getting ready and out on my brand new cloths one. I felt like a model that day. My family and I went to church like planed. That was one of the most boringness mass I have ever been to. Maybe because e I was so anxious to got o my grandmotherís house. Anyways well we finally go to my grandmaís house we ate and then ate some candy. None of my girl cousins have gotten there yet so I was just watching TV.

Yvette my cousin finally got there after like four hours of me waiting for her. I still had to wait for her to eat. Well she finally finished and I was so ready to go outside and ask my uncles to hide our Easter eggs. My uncle finished hiding all the eggs. My cousins and I stared looking for them. After finding them all we stared to crank them on each other. I was going for my cousin Gaby when she moved and I ended tripping over a big plant and cracking it in like million of pieces. Well I got up and noticed that my knees were all bleeding so I ran to the bathroom to put alcohol on them. Ok when my mom finished cleaning my cuts I started to run outside but I stopped to see what were my cousins doing to see if I could crack an egg on them. I was getting ready to ran to my cousin Ruben when I hear my uncle Jesus yelling from the top of his lungs to all my cousin asking them that who broke the plant. None of my cousin where saying nothing, and I was wondering why. So instead of going outside I go to my Dad and sit next to him so that way I wonít go outside and get yelled at. My uncle was still trying to find out who did it. Since nobody would tell him who did it. He ended all of our fun. He put everyone in time out.

All of my cousins were so mad at me that day. I even stared to cry for that. My older cousin Ruben even told me why they didnít say it was