Journal #4

24 September 2003

After reading Chapter four I learned a great deal about the brain and its functions. I realized how very important the brain really is. Sure I knew it was important but only because thatís what all doctors and teachers said. But as I explored Chapter four I got a closer look for myself.

I recently worked on an article in which they were discussing lateralization. At first I didnít really understand the article because the class hadnít gotten to the brain yet. But in this article researchers were trying to determine if cutting the brain in half would reduce or possibly eliminate seizures caused by epilepsy. At first I was thinking if it was possible for a person to live with their brain cut in half. But as I read on I realized that they didnít mean slicing it right down the middle. They meant disconnecting parts that would isolate each half from one another.

The article also explained how one side of your brain really doesnít know what the other side is doing. I also learned that my language skills come from the left side of my brain. I found the article to be very interesting and it created a deeper perspective for me regarding the brain and its functions. I really enjoyed reading this article and even more so now that I truly understand it after completing Chapter four.

Iím just now getting into Chapter five. This chapter deals with sense and perception. I think I know that perception will probably deal with how we view things or how our perception can be altered due to certain situations. Iím not exactly sure in how the Chapter will cover sense. But Iím very interested in completing this Chapter because I like discussions and lectures that deal with perception and how we see things and why we see them the way we do. I think this Chapter will be really informative.