Journal #3

15 September 2003

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Chapter 3. I believe that the fundaments learned in Chapter 3 are very helpful. I especially loved reading the topic on gender development with main focus on gender identity and gender typing. Gender typing is the fundamental sense of being male or female. It is independent of whether the person conforms to the social and cultural rules of gender. Gender typing is the process by which children learn the abilities, interests, personality traits, and behaviors associated with being masculine or feminine in their culture.

What this means to me is how we deifne ourselves as male and female and how that adds to us being feminine or masculine. I believe that it’s society that makes males more aggressive and females more emotional.

I have worked with little kids and I realize the differences in which we treat the kids. If a little girl falls and scrapes her knee we run to her and console her and rub her knee and maybe kiss it. Now if a little boy falls and scrapes his knee we immediately tell him to “shake it off.” We don’t console the little boy because we want him to grow up and be strong and be able to take pain. Whereas we raise little girls to be emotional and that’s why females are always so emotional.

I just thought about that when were discussing the chapter. It’s sort of weired how society makes us raise our children. Parents say that they don’t let society dictate to them how to raise their children but yet it appears that the majority of parents raise their child according to societal norms.