John Proctors Three Struggles

"John Proctor\'s Struggles"

In the drama, "The Crucible" the reader witnesses several
characters that undergo different struggles. John Proctor goes through three
different struggles in the drama. The three struggles that John goes through
are; the stopping of his affair with Abigail, does john go to court, and johns
decision to live and tell the truth or to die and to tell a lie.

The first struggles that the reader sees is John trying to stop his love
affair with Abigail. John had a secrete love affair with a young girl named
Abigail Williams, after a period of time his wife began to suspect relations
were happening between her husband and Abigail. Elizabeth, in every effort to
stop the relationship dismissed Abigail from her duties and order John to stop
seeing Abigail. John met Abigail once more in the wood where Abigail tried to
convince Proctor that he really loved her and not his wife, Elizabeth. During
the meeting in the woods with Abigail John tells Abigail, "Abby, I may
think of you softly from time to time. But I will cut off my hand before I\'ll
ever reach for you again." This quote is from the drama, "The
Crucible" by Miller on page 23. In this quote Proctor implies that he does
still think about Abigail but he will almost any thing to never touch her again.
This is an example of Proctors first struggle he shows his wife Elizabeth that
the love affair is over with but he still does think about seeing Abigail again.
John struggles with this because he knows he loves his wife and the children
they had together but he also is still in very much lust of Abigail. Another
source that shows how John struggled was, "John has the will power to
resist Abigail now, even while part of him still desires her." This quote
is from secondary source, " Arthur Miller Dramatist" by Murray on page
63. This is another great example of how John is struggling with the letting of
his affair with Abigail. In the quote is tells how John is now physically able
to resist Abigail and to stay away from her but in his mind John still thinks
secretly of Abigail, John still desires Abigail.

The second struggle that Proctor shows in the drama is whether he will go to
court or not and expose Abigail. Because of John\'s affair with Abigail he knows
that she is lying to the courts about Elizabeth being a witch. Abigail calls out
witch craft on Elizabeth Proctor because Abigail want so be with John so she is
doing any thing she can to get rid of Elizabeth. Elizabeth urges John to go to
the courts and tell them what Abigail is doing but then John replies, "You
will now judge me more, Elizabeth. I have good reason to think before I charge
fraud on Abigail, and I will think on it. Let you look to your own improvement
before you go to judge you husband and more. I have forgot Abigail and-"
this quote was taken from the drama, "The Crucible" written by, Arthur
Miller, on page 54. This quote shows the second struggle of whether John should
just run to the courts and charge fraud on Abigail, but if John does this then
everyone will know that John committed adultery. This is showing how he doesn\'t
really want to go to the courts right away he kind of just wants to think on it
before he lets all of Salem know he committed adultery. Another quote that gives
an example of Proctors second struggle is, "When Elizabeth urges him to go
to court and expose Abigail, he is afraid that his relations with the girl will
be brought to light." This quote was taken from a secondary source,
"Arthur Miller Dramatist" written by Murray on page, 63. This quote is
telling the reader how John is scared that if he does go to court and tell that
Abigail is saying fraud that his adultery will come out. In Salem and in their
religion Adultery is a big sin so he defiantly didn\'t want this secret to come
out. But on the other hand he wanted to prove to Elizabeth that he was done with
Abigail. This is where it shows what John is torn between.

John Proctors third and final struggle was to tell the truth and live or to
not tell the truth and to die. John is in jail and the court come to him asking
if he will