John Lennon

John Lennon is considered to be one of the most influential people in the history of music. He took the initiative to stand up and speak for an entire generation. He sung about freedom, peace and solutions to the world’s problems. Many of the people of this generation lived vicariously through him and his lyrics. In a society where people worked for the government, he urged them to stand up and fight to make the government work for them. Lennon saw that there was more to life than jobs, schools, and institutions. He tried to show the world the spiritual side of life and he showed people that they could make a difference.
On October 9th 1940 at seven o’clock in the evening, John Winston Lennon was born in the maternity hospital on Oxford St. in Liverpool, England to Julia and Alfred Lennon. Throughout the week John was born, Liverpool was bombed multiple times during air raids. However, on the night he was born the bombing subsided.
Since John’s father was always away at sea and his mother had a hard time supporting John and his 3 sisters, John’s mother sent him away to live with his Aunt Mimi and Uncle George when he was young. His Aunt Mimi took him in as if he was her own son. In 1946, John’s father Fred, returned from sea and tried to take John with him to New Zealand. Julia stepped in and kept John in Liverpool with his Aunt Mimi. (Fogo)
The first school that John attended was Dovedale Primary School. Here he began his streak of rebelliousness that would last him throughout his entire adult life. Here John found that he enjoyed drawing. Since he had talent for drawing and did not do well in his other studies the head master of Dovedale Primary School suggested that he go to an art college. (Hampton)
In September of 1962, John started school at Quarry Bank Grammar School. Here he was also known as a troublemaker and a prankster. Him and his best friend at the time, Peter Shotton, were always playing jokes on teachers and causing trouble. In May of 1955, while John was attending the grammar school, he started a band named “The Quarrymen.” The Quarrymen played their first big show at Woolton Parish Church in Liverpool on July 6th 1957. After the show was over, John met a boy named Paul McCartney. Lennon, who was impressed by McCartney’s knowledge of song lyrics and his ability to tune a guitar, asked Paul to join the band. The next day, John called up Paul to find out if Paul had accepted his offer to become the lead guitarist of the Quarrymen. Paul agreed. (Mellers)
The Quarrymen were being pressured to change the name of the group. At one point, they briefly renamed themselves “Johnny and The Moondogs,” but that name didn’t last. John came up with the name “The Beatles” because of a dream that he had had when he was 12 years of age. He said that “ a man appeared on a flaming pie and said unto them ‘From this day on, you are Beatles with an ‘A’.” The Beatles played many shows at The Cavern Club. This is where they met their future producer, Brian Epstein in 1961. In 1962, The Beatles got a record contract with Parlaphone after George Martin decided that they needed a new drummer. This is where Ringo Starr came into the picture for The Beatles. (Fogo)
Right before his eighteenth birthday, John’s mother was struck by a car and killed. This event threw John into a deep depression. He did not like to talk much about his mother’s passing for it was too painful for him. I believe this is because he never really became close with his mother and regretted it deeply. In a song on his first solo album, he sings the lyrics: Mama, you had me, but I didn’t have you. This shows the pain that he still felt about his mother’s passing, even after much time had passed and his career had taken off. (Hampton)
In this same time period he enrolled in The Liverpool Art College. While attending school here, he met a woman named Cynthia Powell, who eventually became his wife on August 23rd