John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the 35th president of the United States of

He grew up in a family of political leaders and then became one himself.
During his

lifetime he had many accomplishments, both personal and political; he had a
beautiful wife,

and a wonderful family, he wrote award winning novels, started the Peace
Corps, and he

broke the barrier between us and the Soviet Union, among many others which
will be

discussed later. Nearing the end of his term of president, Kennedy was
visiting Dallas,

Texas to campaign for the next election. During a campaigning motorcade, his

convertible limousine was approaching a field known as Dealey Plaza when
shots rang

out. The shots were thought to have come from the seven-story Texas School

Depository. The shots were fatal for President John Kennedy. John Kennedy was
a very

influential leader of the 1960’s and will remain a hero forever.

John Kennedy was born at 83 Beals Street, Brookline, Massachusetts on May 27,

1917. He was born to Joseph and Rose Kennedy. John was the second oldest in

family of nine children. He was named after his grandfather, John Fitzgerald.

grandfather was elected mayor of Boston in 1905. His father, Joseph Patrick
was a

wealthy business man, and an advisor to President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and
also the US

Ambassador to Great Britain from 1938 to 1940. As you can see he was destined
to be a

successful leader. As a young boy JFK was called “Jack” by his family. He
and his family

moved to New York when John was 10 years old. They spent summer months in

Hyannis, Cape Cod. His family often traveled to other states and countries.
He attended

an elite prep school, Choate High School in Connecticut, he graduated in
1935. he then

went on to Harvard College and graduated from there in 1940. In 1941 he
joined the

Navy, he became commander of a PT (patrol torpedo), assigned to the battle in
the Pacific

against the Japanese. During one night, Kennedy’s boat was rammed by a
large enemy

boat, two of the thirteen crew men were killed, and the rest, led by Lt.
Kennedy swam to a

nearby deserted island off of the Solomon Islands. They managed to survive,
mostly by

eating coconuts until they were rescued a week later. Kennedy engraved a
message in a

coconut shell and it was found by Naval Officers. After W.W.II was over, he
had to

decide what to do with his life, he possibly wanted to be a teacher or
writer, but he decide

to run for a political office. In 1946 he was elected to the US Congress,
representing a

large area in Boston. Becoming a congress man at the age of 29. He was a
Democrat, he

served three terms, or six years in the House of Representatives. In 1952 he
was elected

to the US Senate. Kennedy barley missed being picked for the Democratic part’s

candidate for Vice President in 1956. He started a long campaign to become
president in

1960. At a convention on July 13, 1960, Democratic chose Kennedy ad their

candidate. Kennedy asked Lyndon B. Johnson, a senator from Texas to run with
him as

his vice President. Kennedy and Nixon had the first televised presidential
debate, in

which Kennedy proved himself to be a smooth, calm person in heated up times,
and Nixon

didn’t. In general election on November 8, 1959, Kennedy defeated Vice

Richard M. Nixon in a very close race. There was a record breaking 69 million

that year, Kennedy won by 113,000 votes. Kennedy was the youngest man ever
elected to

President, at 43 years old, he was also the first Catholic president. JFK was
sworn in as

President on January 20, 1960. During his Inaugural Address he spoke about
the need for

all Americans to be active citizens, this is where his famous quote, “ Ask
not what your

country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”, came from.

Fitzgerald Kennedy had many personal achievements throughout his life time.
One of his

firsts was a book he wrote during his college years at Harvard University.
His book, Why

England Slept, was on the Best Sellers list, it was about some of the
decisions that led to

W.W.II and about how Britain lack preparedness for the war. Jacqueline Lee

another one of his great accomplishments. Jacqueline was one of the most
admired and

looked upon First Ladies in our history, she was young, beautiful and loved
by everyone.

He was married to her on September 12, 1953. Four years after their marriage,
in 1957,

their first child was born, it was a girl, they named her Caroline. In 1959,
two years later,

their second child was born, John Jr., named after his father. He was called,