Jessica Walker
Chapter 18 reading summary
January 26, 2015

What are the 3 most important things that changed the meaning of American freedom?
Gilded Age was a period of enormous economic growth and ostentatious displays of wealth during the last quarter of nineteenth century that dramatic changed the U.S. industry.
Railroad expansion was also very important it happened between 1870- 1890. This railroad mileage nearly quadrupled with it being the greatest growth occurring in trans- Mississippi west. The western railroads made fortunes for individual spectators.
The gospel of wealth was also very important. This was the idea that the financially successful should use their wisdom , experience and wealth to help the poor. Andrew Carnegie promoted this view. Which it is good that they wanted to help but they should help with kindness and not judge these people
Name and briefly define 3 important events, themes, persons, groups, or concepts introduced in this chapter and explain how they relate to us today.. .
2 very important things that were invented during the 2 nd half of the nineteenth century were he telephone and the telegraph. Alexander, who had a deaf wife , as he was looking for a way to teach the deaf to speak he created the telephone! This affects us every single day! Without this invention we would not have the iPhone ! Or be able to communicate the way we do!!!
The Jim Crow laws were awful but also affect our entire society today. The Jim Crow laws were laws segregating the African American people from the white people in public facilities such as trains and etc. Even today with all of us having equal rights and no segregation the African American race sill feels judged and is not over the awful impact these laws had on our nation. And personally I can understand why they would not be. \
The Woman's Christian Temperance Union was an all women organization founded in 1874 to advocate for total abstinence from alcohol . This effects still today because there are still groups today just like this!!!!!! Out there right now!! I find it funny that so much in history has changed yet so many things still repeat .
Briefly, explain how the primary document reading fits into the chapter reading.
The Gospel of Wealth by Arnold Carnegie speaks of how the wealthy men of our nation or even world should spread their wealth and help the poor. But this document first goes through each argument and says yes a rich man could keep all of his money , but if he does then he dies a disgrace . So this speech or thoughts made the wealthy want to help. This has everything to do with this chapter because the Gilded Age is when all of this happened with the wealthy and when Arnold really pushed others to help. It was a time where a few amount of people did very well business wise.

Answer Conclusion Question/
Why did business dominate the Gilded Age?
The federal government was so weak that the solvency depended on a private banker. This relationship had to do with J.P. Morgan and Grover Cleveland. This lopsided power relationship signaled the dominance of business in this era. Birthed by railroads the new economy grew off of greed, corruption and vulgarity . Business boasted as they took money from people trying to get rich over night. At the public's expense business of course boomed. How convenient .