Jessica Walker
Intro to kinesiology
April 21st 2016
Professor Robinson
Professional Interview
I recently met with a man named Adam Poland. He is a Physical therapist Assistant that owns his own therapy business, and travels around doing work in homes and schools in the Pineville Missouri area, which is about an hour from where I live. I had no idea anyone did therapy in schools/ homes around my area. It got me very excited for my future position as a physical therapist or physical therapist aid. Mr. Poland originally took a job as a physical therapist aid during college and realized he liked the physical therapy area and continued with it as a degree. Adam has been a physical therapy assistant for around 15 years but he has been visiting homes for treatment for 5 years and schools for 3 years.
The schedule is usually very flexible in this field of therapy, which makes it very easy to come to work and enjoy the job. A big disadvantage would be working with people that don't want to better themselves and waiting on better equipment after you have ordered it. As a physical therapist assistant Adam also has to do many different tasks for example he states, "It is also important that I write down and record everything my patient says even in normal conversation, which sometimes feels more like spying. "Adam was very easy to talk to and did not sugar coat anything. He stated that to be successful in this field you have to be able to speak, connect and build a relationship with the client to get the most out of them. You cannot just ignore them. It is also important that people in this field do not just see things as black and white. You must approach people differently and work with what works for them the best.
"So often I see new physical therapists working with patients and the patients hate them they never want them back because they could not hold a conversation with them, acted like they didn't care and were too black and white with their therapy." When hiring Mr. Poland wants someone with experience if possible but if no experience they definitely need to care about their patients, build them up, talk to them and have to be able to work hard and connect with these people. He believes it is so important to job shadow and learn as much about your future position as you can. He also reassured me that people will have hard times in this area but you must stick with them, get to know them and help them through it. It is also important to know you want to help people in this way. This job is very hands on and people need to be ready for that. I also asked him what he thinks about the physical therapist position and he informed me that as a physical therapist there is very much paperwork there is hardly ever any hands on work in that area. Most of the hands on are with the physical therapy assistant like Adam. This really made me think about what I want to do in the future and made me question whether or not I want to become a physical therapist. He also stated that students like me have to realize each year the schooling becomes longer and times change so you must stay updated with the therapy as time goes by.
I definitely now have Mr. Poland as a connection now and will probably shadow him one day I really think I could learn a lot from him.
Mr. Poland did not have a business card on him due to traveling right after a therapy session.
Adam Poland- PTA personal business: 14178259142