Jessica Walker
History 1493
January 14 th 2015


What are the 3 most important things that changed the meaning of American Freedom?

South is defeated by North
Slaves become free people so freedom is finally there's
Black people became workers in white homes so even though they were "free" they were still being treated like slaves
Name and briefly define 3 important events, themes, persons, groups, or concepts introduced in this chapter and explain how they relate to us today?

Freedmen's Bureau= organization to distribute food and clothing to ease transition of slaves to free persons. The first organization to help African American's actually be free. America was finally on their side. At least the government was.
Civil Rights act of 1886 = legislation passed by congress that nullified black codes and affirmed that black Americans should have equal benefit of law. This act finally made African Americans equals to everyone else. Without this Act passing maybe African Americans would not have the same rights as white people today.
The 15 th amendment passed in 1869 allowed all citizens right to vote no matter the race, color or servitude of previous matter. This amendment made it illegal for people to keep African Americans from voting. It was now illegal and they had to let them have a say for the very first time. Without this amendment maybe white people would have kept bullying these Americas to not vote even today.

How the primary document reading fits into the chapter reading.
The primary reading speaks of the Mississippi black codes. It goes more into depth with why these people created the black codes and it tells of how the black codes were different depending on the state. As in Mississippi's codes were different than South Carolina's codes. This clearly explained different codes while the book's chapter 16 explains and defines that the black codes were sought to keep exslaves subordinate to whites by showing them every sort of discrimination. So the reading shows us some examples of this discrimination the chapter speaks of.
Answer of conclusion question.
Was reconstruction a revolution but half accomplished?
Yes Reconstruction was a revolution only half accomplished because the nation was split in half with one part wanting to fulfill the nation's promises to the black American's at wars end and the other half was fighting these promises. The failure to protect African Americans and guarantee their rights is what made this revolution fail and what caused it to only be "half".